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Top Cities of Europe to Visit

Top Cities of Europe and Places to Visit and Tourist attractions at Manchester and Rome. Eating, Drinking and dining out at these cities of Europe and Places to visit and Tourist interest.

Rich Cultural Heritage

Being bordered by Arctic Ocean to the North and Atlantic Ocean to the West, Europe is one of the world’s seven continents. While travelling to Europe you will get to see the rich cultural heritage, varied landscapes, all types of temperature and world-class infrastructure. There are plenty of cities in Europe that makes for an interesting visit. Take a quick look to some of the Cities of Europe which you should keep in the top of your list.

Top Cities of Europe Manchester


Manchester roots date back to A.D 79, it is popular for its music and sporting connections.  Situated in the north-west of England, it is home to alluring museums, vibrant music scene and plenty of travel worthy attractions.

Check out the Manchester Town Hall

Situated on the Albert Square, Manchester Town Hall is one of the prominent attractions of the city. It is a scintillating neo-gothic masterpiece that houses pre-Raphaelite wall paintings by the Ford Maddox Brown.

Drinking with Buddies

Regarded as the best cocktail bar in town, The Alchemist is popular among crowd. Situated behind the opera houses, it also serves delectable snacks and sizzlers.

Dining out

Check out the New Samsi, it is the most popular Japanese restaurant in town. Located at 36 Whitworth Street, the sushi here is worth tasting.


Take a trip down to Rome, it is the capital of Italy and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Get amazed to see the Trevi Fountain or take a closer look at the Italian masterpieces at Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome has attractions for everyone. With airline ticket prices are on all time high, it is better for you to chalk out your travel itinerary to Rome carefully.

Visiting the Magnificent Colosseum

Check out The Colosseum, it is the same place where epic battles between gladiators have been fought. This alluring Flavian amphitheater dates back to AD 72. It has the seating capacity of 50,000 people, the whole place can just fill up in 10 minutes.

Check out the Gardens of the Villa Borghese

Nature enthusiasts should make it a point to visit the Gardens of the Villa Borghese. Witness the green-tree-filled expanse of the Villa Pamphili Park that is housed in the suburb of Monteverde. Don’t forget to see turtles in the pond.

Home to numerous Piazzas

Get a taste of the Rome’s rich architectural heritage by visiting city best piazzas and squares. From seeing the Piazza de Popolo to checking out Piazza Novona, they both are known for classic architecture and intricate carvings.

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