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Top Beaches around the World

Top Beaches around the World and beautiful Beaches which are favorite for holidays where you can spent best excursion time and enjoy the beauty of these beaches around the world. Play in the water your favorite water sport or spend time in the sun and enjoy your break from rest of the world.

Top Beaches around the World Anse Source d’Argent

Beaches around the World

Summers are here and so is the allure of sun, sand and surf, isn’t it? Get set to beat heat in its tracks by cooling down with a little splash here and big one there at one of the top beach. For some, the word beach means lying in a hammock under a shade and reading away to glory, for others it translates into water sports and the excitement it entails thereafter. No matter which group one belongs to, point is, that everyone is simply in head over heels with the beach. And, when you happen to be in one of the top Beache, it takes up the fun quotient a few notches up.

Anse Source d’Argent

Starting with Seychelles, say hello to Anse Source d’Argent, a highly photographed beach offering striking vistas, shimmering sun, cool sea breeze and of course, the shiny turquoise waters. Mind you, the sand here is a pale shade of pink and not white, lending it a certain romantic charm to it. The towering granite boulders make for an impressive background on land whereas the waters of this beach happen to be relatively safe and protected from the ocean’s waves by a reef.

Maldives – luxury in a four-star resort

As mentioned earlier, a beach holiday might mean different things to different people. Whether it is staying in the lap of luxury in a four-star resort or swimming among tropical fish some distance underwater, the Maldives offers the best in both. All beach dreams come true here. This paradise on earth is situated across the Equator southwest of Sri Lanka. Virgin beaches, soft air and a beautiful palm-fringed haze, these are some of the panoramic views to be enjoyed while at Maldives.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Now, how can a mention of Bora Bora stay behind when talking about beautiful beaches of the world? A jewel in one of the magical islands in French Polynesia, Bora Bora in Tahiti is always suitably filled up of beach lovers and those looking for a romantic place. White sandy shores, isolated stretches on the beach, intimate hotels and a quiet atmosphere, this one’s more for those looking to spend some quality time with their significant other.

Lanikai Beach in Hawaii

The Lanikai Beach in Hawaii finds favour with millions of people around the world is in the top. The beach boasts of sparkling sand, big palm trees, lush tropical plants, and endless sunshine make Lanikai one of Hawaii’s most scenic beaches. The shore is protected by a nearby coral reef, which keeps the surf relatively calm and one will always find the water here to be deep green and postcard-perfect.

These are few of the top beaches around the World where one must visit in his or her life to enjoy the beauty, peace, sand, sunshine and the air.

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