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Tokyo Travel Guide

Tokyo Travel Guide and places of tourist interest in this fantastical place to visit, there are many flights to Tokyo ready to take you there. Explore this majestic capital city of Japan, you’ll fall in love with Tokyo. There are several leading airlines connecting Tokyo. Visit Tokyo to experience this unique Asian City.

Tokyo Travel Guide

A major business hub in Asia, Tokyo along with New York and London is an alpha city that moves the world economy. And when that is the case, you can well imagine the number of business travelers frequenting the city. The city is also one of the 47 prefectures of Japan. Initially called Edo, it was later christened as Tokyo by the Emperor of Japan when it became an imperial capital of the country. Experience its high living standard, a modern world living at the pinnacle of success as well as preserving its traditions, and this can only be done if you book yourself a Tokyo flight and fly down. The city has all the amenities that suit an urbane setting.

Tokyo Travel Guide and places of tourist interest

Tokyo is the most densely populated urban city of Japan. You can well imagine how many people fly down as prospective immigrants, business travelers, and vacationers. Tokyo is an ultra-modern city with elegantly designed buildings, skyscrapers, highways and best transportation facilities that attract all. The Imperial Palace is one of the most sought after attraction in Tokyo and the residence of Japan’s Head of State. There’s no stopping the enthusiastic traveler in you to come over to a magical place. The Imperial Palace is open for tourists making it a special tourist stop. Walk along the traditional Shibuya and Harajuku markets a shopper’s delight in Tokyo.

Harajuku markets in Tokyo

Asakusa District

Tokyo Travel Guide recommends you to head to Asakusa District in Tokyo to experience the rich Japanese customs. Asakusa District is home to many Buddhist temples and organizes the famous Shinto festival called Matsuri. Tokyo city is very systematically divided into 23 separate self-governed wards. This gives each ward its own distinct shopping center, entertainment and business spots. Tokyo is a big city and one may need a lot of time to explore it properly.

Asakusa District in Tokyo

Airlines to Tokyo

Nowadays, many leading airlines around the world are providing flights to Tokyo on a daily basis. Travelers can go online and search for flights to Tokyo by simply typing in their travel details. A more convenient way of looking for flights to Tokyo is by searching with generic code of Tokyo i.e. TYO. The result will show a list of airlines offering different airfares for flights to Tokyo. Travelers just need to choose the one that suits their schedule and budget. This process not only saves time but is much more affordable for the traveler. To further simplify the search we recommend using international airfare websites that offer consolidated air fares. Flights to Tokyo are available from almost all major US cities such as New York, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle and any other major US cities.

Nearby Cities of Tokyo

Tokyo is known for its rich heritage and customs. Like Tokyo, there are many other unique cities in Japan that are equally interesting. Some of the cities that Tokyo Travel Guide suggests to visit arround Tokyo are Urayasu, Kawaguchi, Toda, Soka, Ichikawa, Warabi, Wako, Hatogaya, Komae, Matsudo, Musashino, Mitaka, Chofu, Kawasaki and Asaka. Travelers can also take small side trip to these neighboring cities either by local transport in Japan i.e. trains and buses, or via domestic flights.

Travel Tips Tokyo

  • Spring and fall are the most temperate seasons in Tokyo. Tourists visiting Tokyo during summer should be aware of hot and humidity in the summer.
  • Travelers should avoid coming to Tokyo from January 1 to 3, because all the flights would be pre-booked due to New Year celebrations. After this, travelers can take a flight to Tokyo with ease. The rest of the days during January, February, and March are much less hectic and are ideal for sightseeing and other activities.
  • Use the local transport system as it is safe, clean and prompt.

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