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Thailand Places to Visit and Travel Attractions

Thailand Places to Visit and Travel Attractions in this beautiful country and a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Thailand is one of the most visited country in Southeast Asia. Visit amazing Thailand to discover Thainess in its historical, natural, and cultural sights.

Hundreds of Tropical Islands

The list of things to do and see in Thailand includes diving, sandy beaches, hundreds of tropical islands, nightlife, archaeological sites, museums, hill tribes, flora and bird life, palaces, Buddhist temples, several World Heritage sites, Thai cuisine and Bangkok shopping malls.

Fun all the Way

Thanks to budget travel, airline tickets to practically every where in the world are not that difficult to get. When talking of budget how can backpacking be far behind? Spelling fun all the way, backpacking is for the adventurous at heart. For starters you save money, get to mingle with the locals, witness their way of living from close and most of all eat their savory food. Doesn’t all this excite you?

Many Hidden Treasures

So you’ve over and done with checking into hotels, taking guided tours and moving about the place in restricted fashion. But this holiday season try something new. If Thailand’s on your mind, we say go ahead. A great vacation destination for backpackers and independent travelers, Thailand too has many hidden treasures apart from the regulars like Phuket and Pattya.

Not that you have to learn Thai language extensively, but you’ll be certainly better off if you equipped with pleasantries in the native language. You’ll be hit among the locals if you can learn how to say things like saying hello, good morning or how are you in their lingo.

Hostile Landscapes and Untouched Islands

For the height and old-charm lovers , North Thailand is the best place to be. Tribal people living in the hills, amazing trekking experience through some of Asia’s most hostile landscape, and century old values, North Thailand is made up of these things. From the lofty hill tops to the untouched islands, Thailand is as diverse as it can get. Paradisaical beaches and some of the world’s best diving, visit south Thailand for all this and more.

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