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Singapore Travel Guide and Tips

Singapore travel guide and tips to this one of the most exciting, safe, beautiful and enjoyable country in South East Asia. From lush green expressways to the beautiful city parks, and from the antique shops at Chinatown to the elegant city structures, Singapore has all the right trappings in order to be called as a world city. Also read Singapore Places To Visit on our site.

Spectacular Island Nation

The region shows its true colors from the moment one steps onto its airport, again one of the most spectacular ones in the world. Drink and dance in Singapore’s plush pubs, shop to the heart’s content in the city malls, experience the diverse ethnicity or enjoy its rich cultural legacy, travelers will have options galore to have the best times of their life in this island nation.

Singapore Amazing and Diverse

A mesmerising island nation in Southeast Asia, Singapore is an amazing and diverse city with attractions to lure even the most diversified population of travelers. Combining the glittering skyscrapers and bustling streets with the traditional Indian, Chinese and Malay culture, Singapore is a melting pot of various world cultures.

Singapore Travel Guide and Tips

Orchard District and Riverside District

This all-inclusive city is divided into several districts with each having a character and specialization of its own. Shopaholics of the world gather at the Orchard District that boasts of shopping malls spread over miles. The Riverside District, on the other hand, abounds in historical architecture and museums, making it a perfect destination for the history enthusiasts. Little India and Chinatown are wonderful places that are true reflections of the city`s ethnic diversity.

Singapore Merlion

Singapore Attractions

Singapore Travel Guide and Tips suggests you to visit some of the biggest attractions of Singapore include the Singapore Zoo, Esplanade Theatre, the museums at Orchard Street and the East Coast beaches. With so much to experience and explore, you surely need no time to think again to book your flight to Singapore early before the planes fill-in!

Nearby Cities of Singapore

Singapore, an Asian travel hub, has Malaysia and Indonesia as its neighbours. Both these states are amongst the most sought after destinations in the region and every traveler to Singapore ought to visit them to have an authentic Asian experience. Located north of Singapore, Malaysia is a beautiful destination that is home to some of the most exciting attractions in the region. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is just a six-hour bus ride away. Travellers can conveniently reach Bali from Singapore via a three-hour flight. Bintan in Indonesia is another popular destination that is easily accessible from Singapore via an hour long ferry ride.

Travel Tips Singapore

  • The official currency of Singapore is Singapore Dollar.
  • The central tourist attractions of Singapore are linked by the Singapore Trolley. Travelers can buy an all-day unlimited journeys ticket from major hotel counters or the trolley itself.
  • Although English is used in the business and administration circles in Singapore, Malay, Mandarin, English and Tamil are its official languages.
  • Singapore stays hot and humid all through the year. Hence, pack in light summer casual clothing to have a perfect experience.
  • All gastronomes of the world should visit the city during the Singapore Food Festival in April.

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