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Saint Croix and Nearby Tourist Attractions

Saint Croix and Nearby Tourist Attractions of this island of Saint Croix in the Virgin Islands United States Virgin Islands. This island of hills, jungles, beautiful beaches, bio bays and underwater sites is house to festivals and carnivals also. Crucian Christmas Carnival is celebrated on St. Croix on new years time. you can see and enjoy many costumed carnival dancer during the festival season.

Saint Croix and Nearby Tourist Attractions

Salt River Bay National Historical Park

Other Saint Croix Tourist Attractions includes Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve, Buck Island Reef National Monument, Scuba diving, snorkeling, and watersports. Traveling for leisure or traveling to explore new places, no matter what drives you to take that time off normal life, the destination has to be awe-inspiring, you’d concur here, won’t you? It is exactly the element of thrill and enchantment, fascinating pursuits and delightful sees that makes for an exciting holiday endeavor.

Virgin Island

So, how about choosing one of U.S. Virgin Islands largest island? Yes, St. Croix is one perfect getaway for all travelers, individuals, families, couples, etc. Apart from staying here and enjoying the island, you also have the option of enjoying nearby tourist attractions such as Buck Island that is just a short distance from St. Croix and offers many pristine beaches, secluded spots, loads of sunshine and will certainly help you take off all your worries.


Planning a holiday in this incredibly wonderful island is easy, courtesy the convenience with which you can find airfare deals as well as hotels that fall well within anyone’s budget. Offering you a variety of luxury and budget hotels apart from other inexpensive accommodation options, you don’t have to worry about finding a place that suits your requirements.

Natural Landscapes

A top-notch sunrise welcomes you in the morning and utterly beautiful natural landscapes keep you company through the day, great historical background of the island will certainly whet your appetite for more and then you can go and dig up on some affluent heritage through its museums and points of ethnic interest.

An amalgamation of Spanish, American, British, Dutch, French and Danish influences can be seen here making St. Croix truly enchanting to its visitors.

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