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Romantic Hotspots in New York

If you are searching Romantic Hotspots in New York, Romance finds several outlets in the city as well as the surrounding areas, New York is lesser known for the hotspots of love that it has.

Romantic Hotspots in New York

Romantic Hotspots

‘If music be the food of love, play on, give me the excess of it’, so goes the opening line of Shakespeare’s poems. For those who have visited ‘the Big Apple’, realize there are sweeter moments to be found in and around the city galore. At first, it might come across as an urban jungle that never goes to sleep. But, soon one also finds out that there are places aplenty to enjoy when it comes to experiencing it with your significant other.

Big Apple

The modern man can safely say, eve wasn’t the only one tempted by a big apple. Visitors coming in to the New York City and the adjoining areas as well are suitably happy knowing well the fact that there is no dearth of romantic places to be explored here. Starting with the Empire State Building, visitors come here at night, when they can’t help but embrace the glimmering city views and each other. Often, romantic like to visit places that are shrouded in secrecy and mystery, isn’t it? The enigma of that place makes it all the more exciting for the lovers and that exactly describes One if by Land, Two if by Sea. It has no name on the door and is sitting pretty on an off-the-beaten-path Greenwich Village street, making it all the more seductive. One step inside the place and lovers can certainly comprehend the romance oozing out of lots of candles, quiet piano music, an historic carriage house setting, and the works.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Another destination with New York City that makes for a perfect romantic getaway is the rooftop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. With envious views of the Central Park and Manhattan skyline, this particular place makes for a perfect canvas for smooches. Part of the allure stems from the fact that this place is really not that well known.

Other Interestingly Places

Other very interestingly romantic hotspots where you can visit in New York City include the Campbell Apartment, Wave Hill, Central Park Boathouse, and River Café.

For couples who both share the same love for good food and drinks must visit the Finger Lakes region. Breweries and distilleries will certainly keep you both delightfully happy and in great mood all the time. Places like Mohonk Mountain House, the small town charm of Cold Spring and Woodstock is sure to keep the romantic mood going.

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