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Rio de Janeiro Things to Do

Rio de Janeiro Things to Do in this lively city in Brazil the city known for its great parties and carnival fun. Enjoy the Landscapes between the Mountain and the Sea in this city also known as Rio. Rio de Janeiro is Portuguese name for River of January which is popular for its Music Festivals, Carnival Celebrations and New year Eve events. Name the city and images of Rio de Janeiro Carnivals will sparkle in your mind instantly.

Rio de Janeiro Things to Do Copacabana Beach

Amazing Brazilian City

We all know that the reputation of this amazing Brazilian city precedes it. But, if you want to experience it first-hand, you must take a flight to Glittering emerald waters of the Atlantic Ocean, great looking people, historic neighborhoods, and symphonies of Samba, enough ingredients to attract you, we presume.

Apt Place to Holiday

Referred to as the Marvelous City the world over, Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil is a spectacle onto its own. One can very well observe the congregation of urbanization and nature, thereby creating a uniquely harmonious place. Surrounded by lush-green forests, seas and lofty mountains coupled with glorious tropical weather, Rio de Janeiro is like a haven for the intrepid soul courtesy the vast opportunities of adventure sports. Seeing your pulse race, feeling your adrenaline rise, those that like to live it up ‘on-the-edge’ find the city an apt place to holiday in.

Cristo Redentor and Sugar Loaf

Hundreds and thousands of adventure enthusiasts have and continue to take benefit from the several parks, the Corcovado, the famous mountain playing home to the huge statue of Cristo Redentor, and Sugar Loaf, one of the two mountains linked by cable cars that take visitors to the summit. Given such a varied and interesting landscape, one can well imagine what’s on the plate.

Adventure Excursion

You can get your dose of thrill through any of the various activities including hiking, trekking, rock climbing, hang gliding, paragliding and everything in between that a dauntless soul can imagine. There are also agencies for just about any adventure excursion. Given so many varied adventurous pursuits, the only thing, apart from your essentials, that you need to bring to Rio is courage. So. Book your flights and enjoy your trip to Rio De Janeiro.

Cidade Maravihosa

Rio de Janeiro Carnivals

One of the most exciting vacation destinations in the world, Rio de Janeiro is fondly referred to as the Cidade Maravihosa, or Marvelous City by its inhabitants. A treat of the first-order, this beautiful Brazilian city has opportunities endless when it comes to adventure, nature, culture, heritage, and vibe.

Mountains, Forests and Sea

Forever fluttering with activity, this urban metropolis sits pretty amidst magnificent mountain ranges, rain forests, and stunning seascapes. Its not long before the vibrant and dynamic attitude of the city gets to you, in a nice way, of course. Being in Rio de Janeiro and not experiencing the high life of sandy beaches, that just not meant to be.

Water Sports

Soak yourself silly in the big waves and pure waters of the Atlantic, see surfers and boogie boarders put up a great show, better still, do some scuba diving, or snorkeling, the marine life is breathtaking here.


Other things to Do in Rio de Janeiro are some street shopping, buy local art and crafts items, relax with a nice body massage, get a henna tattoo on you arm and all this with a backdrop of live music. Rio de Janeiro never lets you down, be it entertainment of great food.


Be it international or local cuisine, you can gorge on tasty food till you have had your stomach fill. If great parties and carnival fun is what occupying your mind, you better not miss that flight to Rio de Janeiro.

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