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Poland Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

Poland Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit to this a country in Central Europe with constantly increasing number of tourist. Top cities in Poland with Tourist Attractions are Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, Szczecin and capital city Warsaw. 16th most visited country in the world by foreign tourists ranked by World Tourism Organization Poland is offering skiing, sailing, mountain hiking and climbing, as well as agrotourism, sightseeing historical monuments to its tourists.

World Heritage Sites and Monuments

Tourist Attractions in Poland includes many World Heritage Sites, Historic Monuments, Seven Wonders of Poland and Crown of Polish Mountains, Masurian Lake District, Baltic Sea coast, Tatra Mountains which are the highest mountain range of Carpathians, Sudetes and Białowieża Forest. You may find National Parks, Historic Buildings and Places, Castles and Sea Resorts in many cities and out of the towns of Poland.

Festivals and Cultural Events

Festivals and Cultural events are the main Tourist Attractions here around the year. Some of the Cultural events celebrated in the city of Warsaw are International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition, Warsaw Autumn Music Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival, Jazz Jamboree, Orange Warsaw Festival, Ursynalia – Warsaw Student Festival and Festival of Jewish Culture.

A destination for all Seasons and all Reasons

A destination that sees many visitors flocking towards it in all seasons and for all reasons, Poland’s vibrant ambience and attractions that make it certainly have a magnetic pull quality about them. While most visitors to the captivating country gravitate toward its two major cities, Warsaw and Krakow, there are yet many lesser known places that offer quite an interesting place for tourists to explore and have an amazing vacation in.

Lower Silesia

Case in point is Lower Silesia, literally at the center of Central Europe, and a region of Poland that compares to major tourist cities in Germany and the Czech Republic. Medieval market squares, Renaissance castles, and mountain spas and other striking vistas make up the region of Lower Silesia, reasons enough for it to be called a great place to visit for history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts alike, right? There’s much to enjoy through in here courtesy various museums, heritage centers, cultural activities and eclectic nightlife.


Add to this, the extremely amiable and hospitable locals who inhabit the place and what you get is one very interesting vacation hotspot where not just the places but people also happen to add to the enjoyment. Airfares to Poland and inexpensive accommodations can be sought, so why wait? Plan ahead and get to experience a wonderful country in its most distinct way.

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