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Palau Vacation Destination

Palau Vacation Destination located in the western Pacific Ocean this is beautiful island country to enjoy your holidays. Famous for scuba diving and for its jellyfish lakes Palau a tropical rain forest climate country contains chain of 340 islands offering miles of long coastline and beautiful beaches.

Amazing Dive Sites

Palau places to visit includes scuba diving sites like The Blue Corner, German Channel, Ulong Channel and Blue Holes and these are all amazing dive sites. Also visit Long Island Park, Icebox Park and Nikko Bay, Palau International Coral Reef Center Museum and Etpison Museum.

Koror for Shopping and Restaurants

Koror is the largest city in Palau and is main area where you can find good shops, restaurants, and hotels and dive operators. In Koror you may find Indian, Japanese and American style food in the restaurants like Taj, Fuji and The Rock Island Cafe.

More than Three Hundred Islands

Not a widely-known place though, the Republic of Palau nonetheless makes for an intriguing vacation destination. It never hurt to tread off-the-beaten track, right? Therefore, plan a trip to Palau this holiday season, this island nation will surprise and put a smile on your face for sure. Comprising more than three hundred islands and situated in the Western Pacific Ocean, the island is inhabited by people from various cultures, religions, faiths and beliefs thereby creating a very multi-hued as well as a vibrant ambience.

Spectacular Sightseeing

Palau places of tourist interest consists of several spectacular sightseeing spots including the awe-inspiring mountains, coral islands, barrier reefs and many other striking vistas. In fact, you can label Palau as a truly virgin and unspoilt destination as not many people know about it.

Silvery sands and Cool Sea Breeze

Offering miles and miles long coastline, beautiful beaches replete with silvery sands, cool sea breeze and various secluded spots for those intimate moments at sunset, Palau’s every nook and cranny is alluring. Water sports is enjoyed and offered in big way out here and if you get tired of the beach, you can always go ahead and have a dekko at the many tourist attractions that it houses.

Old churches, heritage centers, art galleries and museums, local restaurants and pubs, there’s much entertainment to be found in Palau. Come on over and discover a paradise that is Palau!

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