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Mexico City Travel Guide

Mexico City Travel Guide and places to visit at this major world destination. Mexico is a favorite holiday spot of travelers looking for some fun, sun, sand and excitement. Now, who doesn`t want to indulge in some pure merry making every now and then? Featuring beautiful national parks, forests, mountains, 21st century modern cities, historical cities from the Spanish times and a range of archaeological sites, one is all set for some really amazing times and how. Also read Mexico Places to Visit on our site.

Mexico Travel Guide Zocalo Mexico City’s main square

Witness some of the world’s most unspoiled beaches and enjoy world class water sports like snorkeling and diving at the Riviera Maya. Travelers from around the world visit the country to get the true Mexican experience which can be witnessed everywhere in the country’s beaches, art, architecture, cities, cuisine and people.

Mexico City Travel Guide and places to visit

Ranked to be the seventh most visited tourist destination by foreigners, the city has miles and miles long shoreline meeting with turquoise blue waters and keeping the company of a clear firmament. With a relaxed vibe all around you at the beach, there`s no way you should not attain some rejuvenation. Sightseeing opportunities present themselves through interesting pyramids and museums, scrumptious cuisine, unique architecture, excellent fishing.

Mexico City places to visit

In case you have time, do explore its full range of natural wonders by taking a trip to the neighboring areas as well. Welcoming more than 20 million foreign travelers in a year, the mesmerizing beach resorts of Mexico City are one of the best in the world. Book your Mexico City flight and experience the most interesting and exciting holiday of your life.

Mexico City Travel Guide recommends you places to visit like city centre and it’s historic landmarks, Chapultepec, National Museum of Anthropology, Zocalo Mexico City’s main square, Chapultepec Castle, Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlán and Angel of Independence.

Airlines to Mexico City

Mexico City happens to be the capital city of one of the oft-frequented, very popular vacation destinations. The entire country is explore-worthy to the tee. Served by numerous national and international airlines, apart from a range of low-cost carriers to Mexico City. Sometimes, it would be cheaper to take direct flights to USA and then take a connecting flight to a destination in Mexico.

For example, for travelers flying from Sydney or Brisbane, it would be best to first fly directly to LA on a V-Australia flight and then fly Mexicana. Almost all major commercial airlines link Europe directly to Mexico. Take an 11-hour long direct flight from any of the major European cities like Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid and Amsterdam to any of the cities in Mexico. It is always best to compare airlines prices online before making the final bookings.

Nearby Cities of Mexico City

Travelers on a long vacation can explore the nearby lands of USA in the north, and Guatemala and Belize in south east. Apart from the various rail links and airlines that take the travelers directly from Mexico to any US state, the San Diego trolley can be taken from the downtown till the California-Baja California border, from where Mexico is just a short walk away.

The efficient rail transport system takes travelers to the interiors of Mexico, whereas the Mexican bus service can be boarded for any US city for as less as $60. Another convenient mode of transportation for the bordering areas in USA and Guatemala are the cruise ships.

Travel Tips by Mexico City Travel Guide

  • Some archaeology parks or museums might not allow photography or charge travelers for carrying video recorders inside.
  • Do not smoke in enclosed public spaces in Mexico as it leads to stiff fine or even a jail sentence.
  • Metro rail is the most efficient system of transportation in the city. It is cheap, quick and convenient.
  • Mid-September to mid-May is the perfect time to visit Mexico. An umbrella and a sweater come in handy any time of the year.

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