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Los Angeles Places to Visit and top attractions in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Places to Visit and top attractions in Los Angeles known as LA this most populous city in the state of California in USA. Located in the San Fernando Valley Los Angeles has plains and hilly parts. You may find many Museums and galleries in this popular city in the world.

Known for celebrities, lavish lifestyle and vibrant nightlife, Los Angeles enjoy sunny and warm weather. It is the most populous city in California & is also called as L.A. and City of Angels. From magnificent mountain ranges to scintillating valleys, hiking trails to travel worthy attractions, there isn’t a city in the world which is as lively as Los Angeles. Those who are traveling to Los Angeles for the first time, they should definitely check out its top 25 attractions in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Art lovers should not miss an opportunity to visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Los Angeles County Museum of Art is in the top of the list of the places to visit in Los Angeles . Known as one of the largest art museum in the western United States, it is visited by a million visitors annually. Established in the year 1910, it houses more than 120,000 works of art from ancient times to present. Apart from these exhibits, it also showcases film and concert series.

Dining at Yang Chow

Situated at 819 N Broadway, Los Angeles, Yang Chow is the most popular Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles. Known for serene ambience and authentic food makes this restaurant popular among the people. It is known for its dishes that include “slippery shrimp”, it’s a popcorn shrimp that is served with sweet and sour sauce, pan fried noodles, the spicy pork chop and much more.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Those who are in love with nature and history should make it a point to visit the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. Important in the list of Los Angeles attractions, it is home to around 35 millions specimens and artefacts that cover around4.5 billion years of history. Here you will get to see exhibits related to animals, pre-Columbian cultures, dinosaurs and much more.

Foodie’s Heaven – Dragon Loco

Known for serving best Chinese food at affordable prices makes Dragon Loco popular among foodies. From comfortable seating to swift service, it holds its ground in all avenues. At this restaurant it’s a sin for not digging into the Chinese chicken salad, Teriyaki Chicken, Orange Chicken, Chicken & Broccoli with fried rice.

Japanese American National Museum

Established in 1992, the Japanese American National Museum is known for showcasing 130 years of Japanese American History that dates back to the first Issei generation. Comprises of a moving image archive containing over 100,000 feet (30,000 m) of 16 mm and 8 mm home movies of Japanese American from 1920s to 1950s, here you will also get to see textiles, artifacts, photographs and more.

Visiting the Grand Park

Known as a part of the Grand Avenue Project, Grand Park is one of the finest outdoor attractions of the city and a must Los Angeles Places to Visit. Spread across 12 acres, it is situated in the civic center of Lo Angeles, California. In this park you will get to see the serene lightings, pleasant fountains and plenty of greenery. You can also take your lover to newly opened Starbucks situated around the park.

Check out the California African American Museum

Take some time out from your travel itinerary and visit the California African American Museum. The museum is built for celebrating individual African Americans and their magnificent culture. Witness the marvelous exhibits on temporary and touch themes. Buy a gift or souvenir for your loved one from gift shop, there are plenty of options to choose from. From sub-Saharan wooden masks to hand-embroidered Ethiopian pillows, choose whatever you feel like.

Take your partner to The Palace

Enjoy varied Chinese food while listening to background music at The Palace. Located at 2112 Hillhurst Avenue, it is the most authentic Chinese restaurant in town. Some of the popular dishes of this restaurant include Salt and pepper shrimp, beef fried rice, The Kung Pao, Hot and Sour Soup, Dumplings, Chinese chicken salad and much more. Moreover, here you get free Wi-Fi facility

Kids love California Science Center

Situated at downtown, the California Science Center is a very popular attraction among kids and teenagers and a must to Visit in Los Angeles . Organized into themed worlds, do check out the Tess, a 50 foot animatronic woman whose muscles and bones react to varied external conditions. Another must-visit attraction is the Air & Space Gallery where real aircraft is suspended overhead. Visitors have to shell out nominal fees of $2 to $5 to see all the attractions.

Do check out the Tam’s Garden Chinese Restaurant

Popular among groups and kids, Tam’s Garden Chinese Restaurant is best in its class. Situated at 5269 W Olympic Boulevard, it is among the finest restaurants in the city. It is very well-known for its mouth-watering dishes from the likes of Orange Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, sweet & sour soup, beef broccoli and noodles. From swift service to high-quality food, comfortable seating facility to swift service, everything goes into the favor of this restaurant.

Auto lovers delight – Petersen Automobile Museum

Automobiles enthusiasts should visit the Peterson Automobile Museum. Opened in the year 1994, the museum is known for showcasing more than 200 cars & motorcycles from vintage-era to the current era. Also, there is a hands-on learning center that teaches basic principle on ‘how car works” and others.

Visit The Dragon Restaurant

Located at 966 S Vermont Avenue, The Dragon Restaurant is known for its nice decor and plenty of authentic Chinese dishes. Some of the popular dishes of this restaurant include Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup, Sweet and sour deep fried pork, Deep fried chili shrimp, Mongolian beef, boiled dumplings, Fried chicken, Fried fish and many more.

Top attractions in Los Angeles The Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art

Get a taste of architecture, design and art at The Museum of Contemporary Art. It is known for showcasing the magnificent work of young, emerging as well as world-renowned artists. Here you will get to see 6000 objects of classic American and European Art. Take a tour of this attraction and take a close look at the wonderful work from artists.

The Hollywood Museum

If you are fascinated towards Hollywood films and stars, then you should definitely check out The Hollywood Museum. From checking out the four floors of rare props to vintage posters from television and movies, there is plenty to see and explore at this museum. The museum is also home to a library, screening room, education centre, museum-studio gift shop and much more.

Westfield Century City

When it comes to shopping there is no better place than the Westfield Century City. Owned by the Westfield group, this shopping mall was opened in the year 1964. It is home to 148 stores that sell diverse range of products comprising of designer clothes, watches, jewelry, bags and much more. The shopping centre also has the facility to park 2491 cars.

Pacific Asia Museum

Take some time out from your travel itinerary and check out the Pacific Asia Museum. Designed in the Chinese Imperial Style, it is known for showcasing 15,000 rare Asian and Pacific Island Art & artifacts. The exhibits spans across 100 B.C till current date. This museum is surely worth a visit.

Hollywood and Highland Centre

Those who are seeking for ultimate shopping and entertainment getaway, then straight head to Hollywood and Highland Centre. Spread across 387,000 square-foot, this entertainment place also comprises of TCL Chinese Theatre, Dolby Theater and is also home to the academy awards. From nightclub to bowling alley, fun never ends here.

The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center

For fun with family & friends visit the The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center. Offering eclectic blend of entertainment, shopping and dining, the place is always buzzing with visitors. The nearby attractions surrounding this place include Universal Cinemas, Rave Cinemas various restaurant chains and much more.

Venice Beach

Home to world famous Ocean Front Walk, The Venice Beach attracts surfers and beach enthusiasts from all over the world, Take a stroll down the boardwalk along with your partner and witness rising waves across the ocean. Here you will get to see all kinds of peoples from the likes of bodybuilders, folk artists and various other colorful characters.

Malibu Surfrider Beach

Better known as surfer’s heaven, the Malibu Surfrider Beach is one of the finest beaches of the city. Here you will get to see budding and professional surfers from all over the world. From riding perfect waves to sun bathing, you can’t get enough of this beach.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Opened on October 24, 2003, The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center. Designed by Frank Gehry, the architecture and acoustics of concert hall is designed by Yasuhisa Toyota. Opened for public viewing, one can take audio tours of the hall. The self guided tour is narrated by actor John Lithgow. one of the must Place to visit in Los Angeles.

Enjoying the bicycling trails

Home to different types of bicycling trails, Los Angeles entices adventure enthusiasts from all over. The most popular bicycle trail is known as South Bay Bike Trail. It starts at the Marin Del Ray and it takes you all the way to the Torrance beach.

Fishing with buddies

Los Angeles is home to excellent fishing spots where you will find many fishing fans. Some of the best fishing spots are the Lincoln Park Lake, The Venice Fishing Pier, the Hollenback Park Lake, the Santa Monica Pier, the Dockweiler State Park, the Alondra Park Lake and many more. If you are not having fishing equipments, no to worry! There are several rental shops that provide fishing equipments on rent.

Play Golf

Those who are fond of golfing they are in for real treat as Los Angeles is home to plenty of golf courses. Some of the top golf courses comprises of The Los Angeles Country Club, Chester Washington Golf Course, Roosevelt Municipal Golf Course, MountainGate Country Club and others. Challenge your friends for a game of golf at one of these golf courses.

Go for hiking

Last but not the least in the list of Los Angeles Places to Visit is hiking trails in the Los Angeles. Explore different hiking trails with friends while in Los Angeles. Among all, the most popular hiking trail is Santa Monica Mountain. The best time for hiking is after the Spring Rains. During this time of the year hills are green, air is clear and flowers are in full bloom.

This was our list of top attractions in Los Angeles. Hope you are going to enjoy your journey to LA after reading about this in the detail here.

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