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Lima Vacation Travel Guide and Points of Interest

Lima Vacation Travel Guide and Points of Interest in this capital city of Peru and a popular tourist destination in Latin America. Lima plays host to millions of travelers per year from all corners of the world. Visit Lima for interesting museums, wonderful architecture, high-end shopping and a bustling night life. Apart from reading Lima Vacation Travel Guide and Points of Interest, also read Lima Travel Guide on our site.

Lima Vacation Travel Guide and Points of Interest Sunny Beach at Lima

Intriguing Vacation Destination

Earlier, Lima was merely used as a stopover by travelers on the way to the Amazon or Cusco, but not anymore. You can find various tourists from around the world making use of those flights to Lima available around the clock and visiting this utterly intriguing vacation destination. With millions of travelers, young and old, flock towards the city thanks to the interesting things offered by Lima. Attaining fame, travelers have starting to love Lima.

One of the Major Travel Destinations in Peru

One of the major travel destinations in Peru, it is a city of contrasts, Lima features Pacific cliffs alongside wide beaches, and Adobe Pyramids that lie next to the glittering city skyscrapers. Gorgeous cathedrals, a UNESCO World Heritage site, fine museums, a pulsating Chinatown and rustic beach sides together make Lima a must visit place for all travelers to Latin America.

Clubs and Pubs

Boasting of the best dining scene in the region, Lima also features the best of clubs and pubs in Barranco or Larcomar where one can go on a drinking binge or dance till the wee hours. Search for Lima flights after which all you need to do is bracing yourself to immerse in the experiences that this majestic capital city of Peru has to offer.

Lima Vacation Travel Guide and Points of Interest Larcomar Shopping Center

City of Kings

Lima, the capital city of Peru, has a rich past and a modern present. Ostensibly evident in its architecture, the country`s colonial past is writ large over the monuments and other edifices of the city. Featuring an array of attractions for the travelers, Lima plays host to millions of travelers per year from all corners of the world. Travelers love to visit the city for its incomparable gastronomical experience, interesting museums, wonderful architecture, high-end shopping and a bustling night life. Be it a live folklore show, a `marinera` dance, a live jazz show, a fierce bullfight or an exciting game of soccer, the city has something to offer for everyone. Peru`s vivid culture can be best experienced by exploring the varied attractions of this City of Kings.

Lima Points of Interest

Lima Points of Interest include Plaza de Armas, China Town, Church of Las Nazarenas, Peruvian Art Museum, Government Palace, National Museum, San Francisco Monastery and Church and Lima Zoo. Other Lima places to visit are Plaza Mayor, Larco Museum, Larcomar, Park of the Reserve, Monastery of San Francisco, Huaca Pucllana, Gold Museum of Peru and Weapons of the World, Historic Centre of Lima, Parque de las Leyendas, Pantanos de Villa Wildlife Refuge, Friendship Park and Park of Love. Don’t forget to visit and enjoy sunny beaches of Miraflores.

Hosting more than two third of Peru`s industries and half of the country`s town dwellers, Lima is also the cultural and industrial center that is much sought after by the other Peruvians as well. No wonder, travelers to Lima have only been soaring with each passing year.

Airline to Lima

Contemplating visiting Lima? Being a popular tourist destination in Latin America, the city is served by 22 airlines operating out of Lima and numerous other national and international airlines serving it. Travelers from major US destinations like Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston and New York can book a round trip to Lima. Lima Vacation Travel Guide suggests to the travelers to search, compare and book Lima air tickets from the internet that is offered by various travel consolidators and online travel agents. One has the option to choose from flights to Lima offered by Spirit, Copa Air, Taca, Avianca, Continental, Lacsa, American, Lan and Delta.

Nearby Cities of Lima

Located at a distance of about 100 km from Lima, a large number of beautiful neighbors surround this capital city. Some of Lima`s neighboring cities that are worth a visit include San Luis, Santa Maria, Ricardo Palma, Chilca, Mala, Sayan, Chosica, Nicolas de Pierola, Mala, Huacho and Morococha. Getting to these cities from Lima is made easier with the efficient road, rail and air links that connects all destinations in Peru. Travelers can cover major destinations in Peru, such as Ica, Chimbote, Cusco, Pucallpa, Chiclayo and Juliaca by boarding a flight on domestic airlines in Peru that include Lan, Aero Condor Peru, Star Peru and Taca Peru.

Travel Tips Lima

  • Travelers can find the foreign exchange offices on Camana in central Lima and along Larco in Miraflores.
  • Since there is no central bus terminal in Lima, each company has its own station and office.
  • Best way to get around Lima is to hire a taxi. It is advisable to go for a taxi with the painted logo of the company`s name.
  • Lima enjoys a mild and humid climate almost throughout the year. June to August, the dry season, is also the peak tourist season in Lima

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