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Honolulu Travel Guide and Places to Visit

Honolulu Travel Guide and places to visit in this capital city of Hawaii and one of the greatest travel destinations in USA. Honolulu is paradisiacal and various tourists from all over the world will vouch for that. A frequented vacation destination that it is, finding flights to Honolulu isn’t a task. A rather humbly-sized island city, it boasts of being home to a cultural extravaganza, and a diverse and perfectly blended society. Also read Honolulu Places of Attraction on our site.

Honolulu Travel Guide Waikiki Beach Hawaii

Honolulu Places to Visit

Full of cultural and historical sites, as well as a wide range of world class museums, Honolulu is a wonderful travel destination with an interesting history, excellent restaurants and the most exciting night life in the Islands. The white sandy beaches, green valleys and mesmerising mountain trails of Honolulu draw millions of travellers per year to this paradisiacal island. The number of travellers visiting Honolulu has only been soaring with each passing year.

Honolulu is a Picture Perfect Postcard

Capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu is one of the greatest travel destinations on the island of Oahu. The world renowned Waikiki Beach, verdant valleys and the beautiful scenery with wonderful mountains at the backdrop make Honolulu look like a picture perfect postcard.

Waikiki Beach and Manoa Valley

After having heard so much, there’s no reason why you should deliberate more upon your vacation destination, book your Honolulu flights and come on right over. The beachside in the city is an ideal hotspot for travellers who love to gorge on local Hawaiian food, shop for souvenirs, or simply stroll along the white sandy beaches. Travellers to Honolulu would surely love to visit the Waikiki Beach, along with the Manoa Valley and Chinatown.

Honolulu Places to Visit Byodo-In Temple, Oahu

Fun Activities and Water Sports

Tourists coming in from each and every corner of the globe to Honolulu have different interests and all are met with when they find loads of fun activities and water sports like snorkelling, surfing, diving, hiking tropical forests, canoeing and horse riding along the beach. Be it a family vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon, travellers from all corners of the world visit Honolulu for reasons that are varied and distinct. Honolulu Travel Guide recommends you to watch a breathtakingly beautiful sunset, enjoy a sparkling blue waterfall, climb lava-flowing volcanoes or watch the glittering lights in the evening to have a truly blissful holiday experience at Honolulu.

Manoa Valley Honolulu

Airlines to Honolulu

Most international flights to Honolulu arrive at the Honolulu International Airport, which is the one of the busiest airports in the country. A large number of national and international carriers have scheduled flights to HNL. Hawaiian Airlines and Go Airlines are two of the prominent airlines offering regular inter-island flights in Honolulu. A large number of domestic travelers arrive in the city each year through flights to Honolulu operated by carriers like Alaska Airlines, America West, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines. Playing host to a large number of international travellers from all over the world, the city is served by many major international carriers such as Air Canada, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airlines, China Airlines, Japan Airlines, Qantas Airlines, Royal Tongan Airlines, Polynesian Airlines and Philippines Airlines.

Nearby Cities of Honolulu

A large number of cities, towns and suburbs surrounding the island city of Honolulu include Kaneohe, Waimalu, Ewa Beach, Aiea, Pearl City, Waipahu, Mililani Town, Wahiawa, Nanakuli, Makaha, Lahaina, Kailua and Ahuimanu. Some of the cities in continental USA that are closest to Hawaii include San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Fremont, Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Fresno and Bakersfield in California.

Travel Tips Honolulu

Following are the travel tips suggested by the Honolulu Travel Guide

  1. Though most travellers to Honolulu prefer restricting themselves to Waikiki, the culturally vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods are great options to explore.
  2. Hawaii experiences a tropical climate all through the year. November to January is the busiest travel season whereas the whale season runs from December to March.
  3. The Oahu Discovery Pass available at any of the ABC stores all over the island is the perfect way to get around the city for four consecutive days.
  4. The bus provides travellers with the cheapest transportation option to visit all their favourite attractions in the island city.

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