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Hanoi Travel Guide and Places to visit

Hanoi Travel Guide and Places to visit in this capital city of Vietnam in Asia. Hanoi`s history date back to 3000 B.C. More than thousand years the city was dominated by Chinese. A popular city it is, you`ll simply fall in love with Hanoi.

Cultural Center of Vietnam

Fly down to explore one of the most profound histories of a region. Hanoi is considered to be the cultural center of Vietnam, where every dynasty has left behind their imprint. While much damage had been done to the city during War to their precious relics and monuments, much of it has been repaired and the city still has many interesting cultural and historic monuments for visitor. The city is now as vibrant as it`s well known southern counterparts. You will find number of sites here dating back nearly to its founding.

Hanoi Travel Guide and Places to visit

Architectural Glory

A flight to Hanoi is your best bet to come close to some amazing architectural buildings made during French occupation. Serene Lakes and tree lined Boulevards add to the city architectural glory. Flights to Hanoi are available round the clock, courtesy Internet. Taking a Hanoi flight can be a best place to start your Vietnam tour.

Hanoi and it’s Fascinating Attractions

International tourists love Hanoi and it’s fascinating attractions are the prime reasons. You can find a Hanoi flight from anywhere in the world, given the fact that this city is well connected. You can travel during any month of the year and you can be sure to find the place happening with some kind of fest, especially if you take a flight in autumn you can enjoy Keo Pagoda fest, boat race and music festival.

Hanoi Places to visit Hoan Kiem Lake

Greener Hanoi

The capital has been inhabited continuously for almost a millennium. Most of the visitors often find the city to be greener and more serene than other world cities, another great reason for you to book yourself that flight to Hanoi and come right over. As you explore further, you can find bewildering architectures in the city that date back to early 19th century. You will also find old religious temples and lot of souvenirs dedicated to the national heroes.

Street Life

Hanoi Travel Guide recommends you for taking a morning walk in the one of the parks will be best way to enjoy the street life where you can spot both young and old practicing `tai chi quan` or martial arts. To the South of Hanoi there are a few interesting sights that can be explored by booking a day tour. Want to know more about the city`s ancient and interesting past? Simple, come to Hanoi and explore the hidden treasures that the city abounds in.

Nha Trang is one of the most important tourist hubs of Vietnam

Hanoi Places to Visit

Places to visit in Hanoi are Hoan Kiem Lake, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Vietnam Military History Museum, Lenin Park, Lenin Park, Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower, Bao Son Paradise Park, Hanoi Museum and Thu Le Park. Nha Trang is one of the most important tourist hubs of Vietnam.

Airlines to Hanoi

Hanoi is served by Noi Bai International Airport, located in the Soc Son District, approximately 40 km north of Hanoi. Vietnam Airlines is the national carrier of Vietnam and does offer Hanoi flights as well. Noi Bai is the only international airport for the northern regions of Vietnam. The airport has recently been rebuilt with modern facilities. You can find direct flights from here to other cities in Vietnam, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

How to Reach

Flights to and from any American City usually involve a transit. Emirates, Korean Air, Malaysian airlines, Air France, china air and British airlines are some of the carriers operating flights to Hanoi. If you want to consider traveling on lesser-known discount carriers in order to get cheap flights to Hanoi and save on airfares you could also look at various discount fares offered by different flights.

Vietnam airlines, Cathy pacific, Korean Air and Royal Khmer Air lines are some of the flights you can pick for your domestic destinations. From the city airport you find lot of cheap carriers to travel to the Asian continent.

Travel Tips Hanoi

  • Some simple tips while traveling to Hanoi:
    Hanoi enjoys tropical climate. Climate ranges from 17 C to 23 C. January is the coldest month of the year. The best time to travel in the city will be during the month of March or April.
  • Visitors often opt to rent a car when they arrive at the airport in Hanoi. Renting a car in Hanoi means renting a driver hence you can choose cheaper mode of transport like renting motorbikes or you can as well travel in bicycle.
  • The most expensive air tickets to Hanoi are found during peak holiday travel times, such as the New Year. Also be aware of national events or festivals, which can also cause ticket prices to rise.

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