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Egypt Travel Guide and Travel Tips

Egypt Travel Guide and Travel Tips to this beautiful country in North Africa officially known as the Arab republic of Egypt which can be visited any time one likes. Those that are enthusiastic about taking off to wonderlands now and then for a perfectly awesome vacation must consider visiting Egypt. It is a mesmerizing land of wonders where culture, history and heritage, arts of several kinds and a certain sense of traditionalism resides, all a spectacle to lo and behold.

Egypt Travel Guide Egyptian Nile Valley

Egypt Travel Guide

Providing you with various interesting as well as intriguing sights and sounds, a flight to Egypt is just what the doctor prescribed for that amazingly spent holiday. Attracting visitors of all kinds and types, the lure of this country as a vacation destination continues to gain strength every year.Experience the magic of mighty Egypt, it has every thing suited to a traveler`s imagination. You can also indulge yourself with the best shopping experiences and go for anything like local craft ware like bracelets, ebony carvings, paintings, baskets and African carvings at the most affordable prices.

Nile River Cruises

Be sure to spend the best time of your life as you go on a trip to Egypt in these holidays. The mysterious and swift waters of Nile would charm you as you go on the most sought after Nile River cruises. The Nile has been a witness of human habitation since at least the Paleolithic era and has an attraction of its own. You would be lost in the intriguing artefacts and rock carvings along the Nile terraces and in the desert oases that have a story of their own.

Giza Pyramids

Be sure to visit the famous pyramids and most notably the Third Dynasty pyramid of Djoser and the Fourth Dynasty Giza Pyramids. For setails also read Egypt places of tourist attraction on our site.

Egyptian Nile Valley

The beautiful Egyptian Nile Valley has been home to one of the oldest cultures in the world, spanning three thousand years of continuous history. While visiting the place, do not worry about accommodation as Egypt Hotels are considered the best in the world. Egypt is a country of great intellects and you would be pleased to know that Egypt has the highest number of Nobel Laureates in Africa and the Arab World.

Egyptian Culture, Arts, History and Heritage

Egypt would also attract you as Egyptian novelists and poets were among the first to experiment with modern styles of Arabic literature. Egyptian music would also interest you as it is a rich mixture of indigenous, Mediterranean, African and Western elements and Egypt is also famous for its many festivals and religious carnivals which are commonly known as Mulids or Mawlid. In short, you would share the best of times in Egypt. Give your family a surprise with Egypt Flight ticket for the upcoming vacations to Egypt by booking early.

Airlines for Egypt

There are many airlines which connect Egypt to the rest of the world including American Airlines, US Airways, United Airlines, Continental and Northwest Airlines. European Airlines include British Airways, Iberia, Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa.

Airports to Egypt

Egypt is well connected with the most modernized airports including Abu Simbel Airport, Assiut Airport, Aswan International Airport, Borg El Arab Airport and many other modern airports including the Cairo International Airport as the main airport.

Egypt Travel Tips

Some simple tips while traveling to Egypt:

  • Egypt has only two seasons – mild winters from November to April and hot summers from May to October.
  • Peak travel season in Egypt runs from mid October to May, and this is the best time to visit.
  • Compared to other places, things are much cheaper in Egypt so do not worry about huge bills.
  • Book your Egypt Flight ticket at least 20 days in advance to get flight deals.
  • Make your travel dates flexible to get the lowest fares on Egypt Plane tickets.

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