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Cairo Places to Visit

Cairo Places to Visit the capital city of Egypt, Cairo largest city in the middle east and Arab world was the focal point of Ancient Egypt because of its location near  the Nile Delta. Visit Cairo for its Culture and Cultural tourism, Cairo Opera House, Khedivial Opera House, Cairo Geniza and Nightlife.

Cairo Places to Visit

Mystical Charm

The birthplace of the world’s oldest civilizations beckons you. Come here and find yourself lost in the sheer mystical charm. Before you start likening this place to some other-worldly one, we’ll let the cat out of the bag. Simply put, it is one of the most visited and the capital city of Egypt, Cairo.

The Triumphant City

Cairo Talaat Harb Street

Also known as the Triumphant City, it isn’t hard to find flights to Cairo, given the huge popularity of this intriguing place. A bustling metropolis and a place with lures of the antiquity all at once, Cairo is laden with interesting sightseeing attractions. Cairo Places of tourist attraction includes Historical sites and landmarks like Tahrir Square, Egyptian Museum, Cairo Tower, Old Cairo, Citadel of Cairo and Khan El-Khalili. Also read Egypt Places of Tourist Attraction on our site.

Pyramids of Giza

Start your journey of the enigmatic with the Great Pyramids of Giza, continue it with a visit to ancient temples, towering tombs, majestic churches, magnificent Muslim monuments, and probably end your day with a visit to the splendid museums.

Talaat Harb Street

History seems to come alive at these storehouses of yore. The city also possesses various general and specialist art galleries, offering a dekko at the celebrated works of art, both local and global. Visit Talaat Harb Street in Cairo for its magnificent architecture and shops and retail outlets like Omar Effendi.

Vibrant City

Replete with life and animation, you’ll never come across a dull moment in Cairo. A usual scene in the city streets include children playing in the streets, merchants going about their business of selling, vehicles filling the air with their noise honks, and roadside cafés and eating joints catering to tourists.

Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage abounds in the city of Cairo and the various music halls, exhibition houses, art shows, and opera houses are a living proof of it. There’s much to be done in the Egyptian capital, go about the colorful old souks, soak in the ambience of an old flea market, shop at the glitzy malls, and eat at a fine restaurant. The city caters to all kinds of tourists and hence you’ll find both five-star accommodations as well as budget hotels.

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