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Bogota Travel Guide and Places to Visit

Bogota Travel Guide and Places to Visit in this wonderful city, the capital of Columbia, has been exposed to European and North American influences in the past. Visit Bogota for its culture, unique architecture designs and Shopping Malls.

Bogota Travel Guide and Places to Visit Santa Maria Bullring

Cultural and Natural Places of Bogota

A memorable vacation awaits in the city of Bogota where you shall always find friendly people, fertile lands and flourishing industries out here. A great amalgamation of interesting cultural and natural places, Bogota is replete with cultural customs and myths blended with religious faith, spectacular national parks, emeralds or artisan work, Bogota has everything to win over its visitor. The high-rise skyscrapers, elegant port towns with cobbled alleys and bougainvillea-shrouded balconies give Bogota a cosmopolitan look.

Bogota Things To Do

A visit to Bogota is going to be an exciting experience. There isn`t just one or two but many exciting things to do and see here. These include visiting the heavenly-high-alpine, taking a cruise on boats, partying, and salsa dancing and shopping till you drop dead. If you are keen to experience the culture and richness of a South American metropolis, Bogota can be the right place where you can explore, learn, relax, shop, and of course, party!

Bogota Places to Visit

Key place of interest in Bogota include: the San Agustin, an ornamented church Monserrate, a mountain with a church on the top, providing a spectacular view, the Park of the Martyrs where the Spanish shot many patriots during the freedom struggle, Jardin Botanico, a botanical garden housing over 5000 different orchids, Sanctuary of Monserrate – a key place of pilgrimage, Quinta Bolivar, a great example of the Spanish architecture, the Cathedral, Parque Camelot and more!

Museums and Parks

This Bogota Travel Guide suggests Bogota Places to Visit like Gold Museum, Bolívar Square, Museo Botero, Colombian National Museum, Bogota Botanical Garden, Maloka Museum, Quinta de Bolívar, Capitolio Nacional, Casa de Moneda de Colombia, Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park, Saint Clara Museum, Independence Museum, Kid’s museum, Bogota Travel Guide Museum and 93 Park.

Bogota Andino Mall

Shopping Malls in Bogota

Bogota has so many malls to visit. Few main maals in Bogota are Centro Andino, Centro Mayor, Santafé, Gran Estación, Portal de la 80, Titán Plaza, Calima, Atlantis Plaza, Unicentro and Hayuelos. Hundreds of Malls are built in Bogota in last few years and many more are under cunstruction.

Unique Architecture Designs

Bogota is know for its unique architecture designs. Santa Barbara business district , Torres del Parque and Santa Maria Bullring are famous for their architecture designs.

Nearby Cities of Bogota

Villavicencio (45 miles), Melgar (48 miles), Girardot (54 miles), Ibague (80 miles), Tunja (81miles) are some of the nearby cities to Bogota

Travel Tips Bogota

• Protect yourself from street beggars especially in the city center, as they can indulge in theft.
• Though the drinking water in Bogota (BOG) is potable, it`s not of high quality. So it`s better to have bottle water.
• If you are traveling outside the city, be careful especially at the night.
• Drugs are widely available. Never carry or buy them.
• You can rent a bike and go for a ride on Bogota`s modern Ciclo-Ruta to get to know the city and its people better.

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