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Venice Travel Guide and Places to Visit

Venice Travel Guide and Places to Visit in this beautiful stunning city which offers monuments, Churches and shopping arenas. One of the most romantic cities in the world Venice is a famous tourist attraction in Italy. Venice is known for its romantic canals and sparkling wine world over. Welcome to the city of romance where you can spend many memorable evenings with your loved ones. Also read Egypt places of tourist attraction on our site.

Venice Travel Guide and Places to Visit Piazzetta San Marco

Visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world, one of Italy`s major ports and a famous tourist attraction, Venice. There isn`t a thing that wont love about the city of Venice. Venice is simply stunning, the cathedrals, the monuments, the churches and the wide array of shopping arenas offer you the most stunning sights and places to visit. Venice boasts of many attractions that you just can’t afford to miss. The city is almost filled with galleries and museums and it is a pleasure to witness all of it.

Venice Places to Visit

Often referred to as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice attracts most couples from all across the world. The romantic canals provide just the perfect ambience for lovers to spend a pleasant time. Doge`s Palace is one famous place in this Italian city that gives a detailed insight into the history. The elegance of this great building symbolizes Venetian magnificence during the 12th century. St. Mark`s Church needs no special introduction for it is truly fascinating. The summer months in Venice see most of the crowd flocking in the St. Mark`s Square where all of the attraction is.

Campo Santa Margherita

Food and Cuisine

Travellers find all that they need or wish for here in this finest drawing room in Europe. Venice Travel Guide recommends to enjoy food, cuisine and wine while visiting here. Food in Venice is diverse, offering all kinds of cuisine for al kinds of visitors. White wine is found in abundance here produced from the hilltops of Soave. A glass of sparkling wine is a must for Italians, Spumante being the specialty that goes well with their traditionally made sea food. The town of Venice is relatively quieter than most European cities and most pubs and bars are to be found around the Piazza San Marco. Campo Santa Margherita is one newly discovered place where most of the youth of Venice can be seen gathered.

Nearby Cities of Venice

The cities listed are in the surrounding area close to Venice; Laurel, South Venice, Englewood, Gulf Gate Estates, North Port, Sarasota Springs, Fruitville, Sarasota, Port Charlotte.

Travel Tips Venice

In August most of the shops and markets are closed as it is a holiday month. Since the city has so many hotels, it might be tough to make a choice. Best time to visit is from April to July.

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