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Top Luxury Islands of the World

Top Luxury Islands of the World, you can also visit to these Luxury Islands and enjoy your holidays there and feel like a king of that personal island for a day or two. Here we are giving some of the Luxury Islands from the world for you to visit and have once a life time experience there.

Islands of the World

Luxury Islands

Hill retreats, coastal resorts and city breaks are all great but nothing can beat a vacation in one of the secluded and most luxurious islands. Buying an island is the latest fad among the rich and famous of the world, but those who cannot afford to buy one can nevertheless enjoy the same experience by spending a few days there amidst the most awe-inspiring of environs, bluest of blue waters and nerve-soothing cool breeze. We have for you here several options when it comes to choosing the best of islands to have the most luxurious of holidays. Book your flight to your preferred destination; we’re sure the experience is simply going to be out of this world!

Cousine Island in Seychelles

Musha Cay

One of the most beautiful of remote islands in the world, the Cousine Island in Seychelles is a delightful place to visit. Part nature reserve and part luxury resort, this most visually stunning island is spread over 62 acres and can only be reached by a helicopter. Rather than booking a flight online, splurge on booking a private jet or helicopter for your most fascinating tropical island sojourn. The Cousine Island Resort and Spa is like the modern Garden of Eden that is replete with all modern day conveniences and luxuries.

The Necker Island

The Necker Island, part of the British Virgin Islands, is the private island of the Virgin Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Flocked by the well-heeled visitors like Late Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey and Mariah Carey, this island is decked with luxuries and amenities galore!

Cocoa Island in Maldives

Featuring the bluest possible lagoon, silky white sand and the most luxurious of island resort, the Cocoa Island in Maldives has everything a traveler wishes for on a tropical holiday. The Eco-friendly policies of the island ensure that this scintillating island forever remains as pristine as it is.

Turtle Island in Fiji

Turtle Island in Fiji lives up to all your expectations from the most secluded and beautiful of tropical islands. The luxury resort featuring 14 eco-friendly villas and dozens of private beaches draw thousands of honeymooners each year from around the world. If this place is unable to take your breath away, we’re afraid nothing in the world would!

Iisland of Mustique in West Indies

The private island of Mustique in West Indies is thronged by the most famous of rock stars and royal family members from all around the globe. If you get to soak in the sun at one of the island’s splendid beaches you’re probably one of the select few in the world! The jet-set vacationers absolutely adore the Basil’s Bar here which is the ultimate party place to make a night to remember!

Musha Cay

Next in our list of Islands with luxury in the World is Musha Cay. Musha Cay in Exuma Cays, owned by the famous magician David Cooperfield, comprises of four of the most visually stunning islands near the Bahamas. Crystal clear water, jaw-dropping coral reef spread over several miles and five houses replete with a cache of staff members and all conceivable luxuries, this island is truly one of the best private islands in the world to holiday in.

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