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There’s a healthy mix of the urban and the countryside in Australia, but how about starting your sojourn of this wonderful land by a trip to the hugely exciting and vibrant city of Sydney? Simply put, the city has it all starting from fine arts, museums, history and heritage, great architecture, incredible exhibits, to great food, eclectic nightlife, vibrant hotspots, and several surrounding places to hop away from a short day trip.

An energetic, action packed city with an amazing adventure waiting to be discovered, there’s no escaping the fun and frolic that you’ll be experiencing here. Begin with a dekko at the most recognizable landmark in all of Australia, the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Those that crave thrills can seek it here through an adventure of a lifetime encounter courtesy a ‘Harbor Bridge Climb.’ These are guided excursions taking enthusiastic tourists up the railings of the bridge to the crest for an incredible view of the city. Outdoors in Sydney are abounding in very interesting pursuits, case in point are the plethora of hiking and biking tours that you can enjoy through.

Plan a wonderful day full of attractions and allure aplenty through a trip into the Blue Mountains. These are located right outside the city and offer spectacular scenery, rugged mountains and hiking trails, and even the lush gardens at the small Leura Village. Sydney as a vacation destination wins hands down any day of the month, any time of the year, so when are you booking your flights?

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