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Shanghai Travel Guide

Shanghai travel guide and places to visit in this world class city and commercial center of the Republic of China. Visit Shanghai for it’s museums, gardens, gallaries, temples, parks and shopping malls. Read this Shanghai Travel Guide to know the Shanghai places to visit, nearby cities of Shanghai and other travel tips for visiting to Shanghai. Also read Egypt places of tourist attraction on our site.

Shanghai Travel Guide and Places to Visit

Most Dynamic Skyline

Visit to Shanghai and come on over to experience a spectacle of several attractions, alluring encounters and more. It`s easy to fly down to Shanghai. Featuring one of the world`s most dynamic skylines, Shanghai is the commercial center of the Republic of China. The dualistic face of Shanghai is evident everywhere, and more so in the Old Centre that is proudly nestled in the heart of this modern and progressive city. Abounding in parks and traditional gardens, this largely commercial city has been quite successful in creating green zones that provide it with lush green surroundings and a clean environment.

Market, River and Garden

Visit the Yu Yuan Market, take an enjoyable boat ride on the Huangpu River or meditate in the beautiful Botanical Garden, Shanghai is a city that will never cease to provide travelers with the most unique and wonderful experiences. Book Shanghai flights online and get set for an amazing and relaxing vacation in this fascinating Chinese city.

Shanghai Places to Visit

Shanghai is a world class city with entertainment options galore for the travelers. Shanghai is renowned not just for its glittering skyline, but equally attractive are its museums, beautiful gardens and fine art galleries. Botanical Garden, Bund, Jade Buddha Temple, Fuxing Gongyuan Park, Old Town, Church of Xujianhui and Pagoda for Pearls are some the prime tourist attractions of this fascinating city which can be explored by simply booking a flight to Shanghai from anywhere around the world.

Shanghai Places to Visit Disneyland Park

Beautiful Architecture and Shopping Malls

Regarded to be one of the most dynamic cities in a fast-changing nation, Shanghai with its skyscrapers, tree-lined neighborhoods and a fetish for fashion and technology is more like a European city. Beautiful architecture and plush shopping malls harmoniously co-exist with beautiful temples, classical Chinese gardens and bustling street markets. Travelers to this stunningly contrasting city would find themselves sipping a cocktail in a designer bar and exploring centuries-old Buddhist monastery in just a matter of few hours. This city is forever changing and at such a speed that it`s difficult to keep up with its pace.

Shanghai travel guide and places to visit Changfeng Park

Shanghai Travel Guide recommends to visit The Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Yu Garden, Nanjing Road, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Disneyland Park, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Longhua Temple, Shanghai History Museum, Changfeng Park, Happy Valley Shanghai amusement park, Jinjiang Action Park, Shanghai Zoo, Huaihai Road – one of the main shopping street, Century Park, Nanjing West Road and Shanghai Expo Park.

Airlines to Shanghai

Travelers to Shanghai will land at any of two city airports namely Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG) and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA). PVG, one of the busiest airports in the world, is well connected with most domestic and international destinations around the world.

Some of the world`s leading airlines that fly to Shanghai include Air China, Cathay Pacific, Air France, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Air India, Lufthansa, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Hong Kong Express and US Airways. Numerous low-cost airlines like Air Asia, Spring Airlines, Tiger Airways and Cebu Pacific are the best carriers to opt for tickets to Shanghai.

Nearby Cities of Shanghai

There are various beautiful towns and cities around the city of Shanghai that are worth a visit. Cities and towns near Shanghai include Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Shaoxing, Nanjing and Ningbo. Some of the most popular water towns near the city include Luzhi, Nanxun, Wuzhen, Zhouzhuang, Tongli and Xitang.

With the city and highway traffic being highly convenient and smooth, traveling to these neighboring places by road is quite a pleasurable experience. Public transportation is also a great option to travel in and around Shanghai.

Travel Tips Shanghai

  • Travelers must make it a point to carry a valid identification at all times while traveling in Shanghai. This is needed at the time of flight bookings, as well as during a hotel check-in.
  • Spring and autumn is the best time to visit Shanghai. Travelers visiting Shanghai during this season are advised to pack in light woolen clothing like sweater and jackets.
  • The Shanghai New Year (January or February), Shanghai Music Festival (May) and Shanghai International Tea Culture Festival in April end draw in lots of international travelers from all over the world. If possible, plan the trip during these fests to catch a glimpse of the city`s culture.
  • Most hotels and all banks in the city offer currency exchange services. All major credit cards are accepted at most boutiques, stores and hotels

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