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San Gimignano

While several people like to go to a popular metropolis for their vacations, there are many others who’d rather stay at a quaint town that is lesser known, has little tourist population and is untouched by commercialism. San Gimignano, a small-walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany, is one such place that offers its guests peace and quietude just the way they prefer it.

If you were to come here and sightsee, you’ll encounter the presence of medieval architecture, something that makes the town famous among history-buffs and lovers of art. Quite famous for its white wine, the town’s cozy neighborhood pubs and cafes, local eateries and restaurants offer scrumptious fares whose taste you’ll relish for a long time. There are several rental villas, apartments, inns and suites and bed and breakfasts type accommodations that fit in well within anybody’s budget.

Therefore, while planning a visit to San Gimignano, you don’t have to worry about inexpensive accommodation and can easily find them through online portals etc. Enjoy the warm hospitality and relax for a while, take a walk at sunset through its lanes and streets and mingle with the friendly locals, savor a cup of cappuccino and interesting conversations at a roadside café, click umpteen pictures of its towers, churches and other buildings that you come across for San Gimignano is a place like none other.

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