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Prague Places To Visit

Prague Places To Visit and Tourist interest in this Capital city Czech Republic in Europe. Prague is one of the world’s most popular tourist destination. Its rich history and low cost of living makes it a popular destination for travelers. Visit Prague for Hradcany and Lesser Town, Old Town, New Town, Vinohrady and Other places of tourist interest.

Prague Places To Visit Old Town

Sweet Symphony

This city is simply a sweet symphony for the senses. Intriguing dos, interesting sees and a unique ambience sets Prague a class apart from other European cities. The capital of Czech republic is thoroughly enjoyable for kids, young couples, students, elderly people and business travelers.

Stunning Landscapes

Exuding an enigmatic aura, the city boasts of stunning landscapes, striking vistas and panoramic views. Being a hugely popular vacation destination in the world, it isn’t hard to find flights to Prague. Novel experiences, great discoveries and happy memories to take back home, the city offers all these and more. Laden with intriguing sees and interesting dos, Prague’s list of attractions is endless.

Prague Charles Bridge

Places to Visit

Places to visit in Prague are Prague Castle, Petrin Lookout Tower, Charles Bridge, Lennon Wall, Saint Nicholas Church, Franz Kafka Museum, Old Town Square and Spanish Synagogue . Also visit in New Town Wenceslas Square, National Museum, National Theatre, deconstructivist Dancing House and Charles Square. Don’t forget to visit Andel, a busy part of the city with modern architecture and a shopping mall.

Prague Andel Shopping Center

Great Architecture

Made highly alluring by great architecture and ornate historical buildings, the city looks like one big beautiful castle. Visit to the various monuments, palaces, majestic museums, art galleries, exhibition centers, opera houses, theaters, music halls and live gigs venues is a given. There’s no way one should miss this, given their high entertainment quotient. As mentioned above, the city caters to all kinds of tourists, be it a discerning one or a budget traveler.


Luxurious accommodations, hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, holiday homes, villas and apartments, choices are galore in Prague. As the night falls, the city dons a completely different hue and becomes all radiant and alive with buzzing activity. Fancy restaurants serving the best of local and international cuisines, glitzy pubs and bars overflowing with enthusiastic locals, elegant roadside cafes filled with coffee and conversation lovers, dazzling dance clubs thumping with great music and elaborate lounges enticing one and all.

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