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Plan vacation during Winter Season

Plan vacation during winter season. Here are few useful tips to plan vacation during winter session at hilly places in snow. Snow looks very beautiful who dose not enjoy playing in snow? We need to plan vacation during the winter session so that our vacations are not spoiled.

Check the Weather Report

Extreme weather conditions can be dangerous. Check the weather report and consider precautions and advisories. If there are certain warnings related to weather like extremely low temperatures, any avalanche warnings or severe wind chills, plan to avoid the outdoor activities until the weather improves.

Drive Carefully

Drive carefully and patiently. Drive in a SUV or a car which is able to maximize traction on icy and slippery road. Keep sufficient fuel and check all the tools and extra wheel.

Keep Required Medicine

Learn about the symptoms and treatment for snow blindness, hypothermia and frostbite. Keep required medicine accordingly. Carry the first-aid kit and know the First Aid Tips.

Cover your Body

Cover your maximum of your body parts. Always carry sun screen lotion with you. Dress up in layers. It is extremely important to keep warm and dry while enjoying outdoor activities in the winter.

Wear a Hat and Neck Guard

If you don’t have a helmet wear a hat and neck guard. You can cover your nose with neck guard. Make sure to cover your ears as well. This is important to save you from the accident and also from the chilly winds.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes. This is important to enjoy the sport activities. Wearing tight clothes can restrict circulation of blood in the body. Wear bright-colored clothes and helmet/cap. Take extra caution in the evenings because of the reduced visibility.

Sun Glasses

Sun glasses are must. Snow in the sun light can be harmful for the eyes. Sun glasses can save your eyes from wind, cold and snow. Avoid the use of scarves. Remove all drawstrings from children’s snow strings. This reduces the risk of strangulation. Don’t overindulge. Take rest and enjoy the movement also.

Eat Healthy Food

Eat healthy food and take proper sleep. Avoid street food and take your meal from a reputed place only. Avoid tobacco and alcohol and reduce caffeine consumption.

Take Care of Childrens

Children and even adults should wear helmets in activities which involve head injury. Make children aware not to touch metal during cold temperature. Kids can play with the snow but ask them not to throw snow at other people. Snowballs may contain stones or ice chunks that can cause harm especially to eyes.

Play in theSnow

Children enjoy to play in the snow but they should also be taught not to make tunnels in the snow. Also, not to bury anyone in snow as there’s risk of suffocation. Children should not eat snow. Even white snow contains air pollutants, like traces of mercury. Snow may also contain windblown soils that may include animal fecal matter. Ice around a pond or lake can melt and break easily. Teach children about never to go near to lakes or ponds without the company of adults. Adults should also remain careful at such places. Children should avoid playing on snow piles on the road sides or near parking lots.

Driving in Winter

Driving in winter is much more tiring than in the summer. So plan short stops along the way to rest up. Always carry the essentials for a safer road trip, especially a cell phone, car charger, Power bank, tow rope, ice scarper, sand litter, portable radio and a good book in case you get stuck on the way. Drink sufficient water to avoid dehydration.

Enjoy your journey with your family and friends with our tips on how to Plan vacation during Winter Season.

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