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Paris Travel Guide

Paris Travel Guide and places to visit in this capital city of France. Enjoy the marvelous of this capital city of France, one instantly falls in love with Paris. Flight available 24/7 make for another reason why travelers across the world like to visit Paris, thanks to the popularity of the city as a vacation destination. All leading airlines offer to daily connect Paris. Apart from this also read Paris Things To Do on our site.

Paris Travel Guide and places to visit

The Culture, The History and The Heritage

Situated on the River Seine, there is so much to see around the city that you won`t know where to begin. You can instantly start your journey of the splendid and the spectacular galore. The culture, the history and the heritage, Paris is rich indeed. If you want to fill a roll on your film on instantly recognizable landmarks, in Paris they are a dime a dozen. And if you want to see how the French really go about their daily routine, you can do so at one of the city`s many cafes, which encompasses Paris and its suburbs.

Leading Global Cultural, business and Political Center

The Paris urban area also hosts the head offices of almost half of the major French companies, as well as the offices of major international firms. Paris is a leading global cultural, business and political center and has a major international influence in fashion, gastronomy and the arts. It is widely regarded as one of the world`s major global cities. Head offices of almost half of the major French companies, as well as the offices of major international firms. So, do not wait and take a hassle free trip to Paris.

Paris Places to Visit

Paris Travel Guide and places to visit Chenonceau Chateau.

Three of the most famous Parisian landmarks are the twelfth century cathedral Notre Dame de Paris on the Le de la Cit, the nineteenth century Eiffel Tower, and the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe. The Eiffel Tower was a temporary construction by Gustave Eiffel for the 1889 Universal Exposition but the tower was never dismantled and is now an enduring symbol of Paris. The Louvre is one of the largest and most famous museums. Paris largest Opera houses are the 19th-century Opra Garnier and modern Opera Bastille, the former tends towards the more classic ballets and operas, and the latter provides a mixed repertoire of classic and modern.

Paris cathedral Notre Dame de Paris

History and Culture

Cafes quickly became an integral part of French culture from their appearance, namely from the opening of the left bank Cafe Procope in 1689 and the cafe Rgence at the Palais-Royale one year earlier. If you’re interested in history and culture, then join this tour for a fascinating insight into royal Travel to the Loire valley, where you will begin your Renaissance day at the Chenonceau Chateau. Visit this chateau built over the river Cher in pure traditional renaissance style and equally made famous through the Royal Dames who lived there. An IPOD audio guide is available for those wishing to bring their IPOD .

Airlines to Paris

So whether you are looking for a budget flight ticket to Paris or otherwise, there are flights to suit every type of traveler. Three international airports serve Paris: Roissy Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais. The largest and busiest, Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) is located 23 kilometers north-east of Paris, Orly is 15 KM`s south-west of Paris and Beauvais 56 KM`s North West of the city. Paris is also the fashion capital of the world, so you`ll never find dearth of flights to this wonderful city.

Nearby Cities of Paris

There are some fascinating cities near Paris, namely, Gentily, Malakoff, Vanves, Le Kremlin-Bicetre. After flying to Paris, these cities are accessible through rail or road. Most of these cities give a nice glimpse of the city’s historic past and heritage.

Travel Tips Paris

Some simple tips while traveling to Paris:
• A mid-week flight to Paris is really the best as it allows you to settle down and prepare for the vibrant weekend of Paris.
• Peak seasons are usually from April right to December, so plan your trip accordingly.
• The weather is always a bit cold, so ensure that you have ample woolen clothing.
• The best way to start the Paris tour is through the local tours, especially the chauffeured tour.

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