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Manila Places to Visit

Manila Places to Visit in this City of Manila the capital of the Philippines in Asia. Located on the eastern shores of the Manila Bay visit Manila home to many landmarks for tourism, shopping and dining. The real secret behind enjoying this alluring Asian city is by exploring it gradually. A true blue cosmopolitan, the capital of Philippines has nonetheless preserved its ties with antiquity quite well. History shows up everywhere in the city, the evidence of which come through the various ruins.

Manila Places to Visit
Manila Places to Visit

Places to Visit in Manila

Manila places of tourist attraction are Manila Ocean Park, the integrated resort complex of Resorts World Manila, the newly opened Solaire Resort & Casino, City of Dreams Manila and Okada Manila in Entertainment City.

The Intramuros

Manila Places to Visit Ocean Park
Manila Places to Visit Ocean Park

Flights to Manila are one too many, given the city’s popularity as a vacation destination. Attractions abound in the city, something that both intrigues and interest’s the discerning tourist. No trip to Manila is complete without a visit to the Intramuros.

This fascinating landmark is surrounded by performing venues, art galleries, shops and restaurants, making it a popular tourist mecca. Apart from this, the various general, cultural and historical museums make for a must-go, offering unique artifacts and handicraft items.

Manila’s Sightseeing

Historical monuments, majestic colonial churches, open air theaters, national parks and gardens, and other important sites make up manila’s sightseeing. Also read Manila Shopping and Dining Hotspots and Manila Travel Guide on our site.

Vibrant and Dynamic

A vibrant and dynamic place, the city is one of the oldest Philippines possesses. But, this in no way means it is any less thrilling, exciting and adventurous. A trip to Manila means having to encounter pleasant, relaxing, gritty and authentic experiences all at once. As the evening draws closer, the city dons a completely different hue.


Bringing the city to life and buzzing activity other places to visit in Manila are the various fancy restaurants, glitzy pubs and bars, dazzling dance clubs, and elaborated lounges. Luxurious accommodations, hotels, five-star properties, motels, bed and breakfasts, and holiday homes, Manila is well equipped to cater to a discerning tourist as well as a budget traveler.

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