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Louisville Places to Visit

Louisville Places to Visit in the largest city of Kentucky are its Museums, galleries, Parks and its other outdoor attractions. Read our Louisville Travel Guide to this city which is located in Kentucky’s outer Bluegrass region and has been influenced by its location on the Ohio River. The largest city in Kentucky, Louisville is rich with recreational areas. The city is served by Louisville International Airport, so you can easily book your flight to Kentucky from any place of the world. Better use online booking portal to save your time and money.

Louisville Places to Visit

This shortlist of top 3 recreational areas will be quite useful for planning your excursion to the city. In the Louisville Places to Visit begin your pre-planned tour from Kentucky Kingdom then continue to the next recreational area Kentucky Science Center and at the end visit Louisville zoo.

Kentucky Kingdom

Opened in 1987 at 937 Phillips Lane, Kentucky Kingdom is a seasonal amusement park featuring rides, roller coasters, Water Park, and restaurants. The 63-acre park is replete with entertainment zones such as Kentucky Kingdom Attractions, Hurricane Bay, Playland, and Shows for thrill and rejuvenation lovers. Notable shows include 5D Cinema, Aqua Theater, Beach Party Kingdom, and King Louie’s Jesters. Suitable for all age group, Kentucky Kingdom is one of the top recreational areas in Louisville.

Kentucky Science Center

Founded in 1871 at 727 West Main Street, Kentucky Science Center is a science museum featuring hands-on exhibits dealing with science, mathematics, and technology, educational programs, IMAX films, and gift shop. One of top recreational areas in Louisville, the museum will no doubt entertain all including grownups, kids, and educators. You can watch exhibits, movie, documentary, and public event, the center has numerous options to satisfy you to the full. Do not miss the opportunity to visit this place.

Louisville Zoo

Third In the list of Louisville Places to Visit is Louisville Zoo.  Established in 1969 at 1100 Trevilian Way, Louisville Zoo is an accredited state zoological garden featuring over 1500-animal exhibits, botanical garden, rides, playgrounds, catering, gift shops, and more. The 134-acre zoo is a place for education, conservation, and recreation with New World Exhibits, HerpAquarium, Glacier Run, Gorilla Forest, Islands, Africa, Austrian Outback, and the Metazoo Education Center. For all this, you must book your flight tickets to Louisville in advance from Internet to save big.

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