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London Travel Guide and Places of Tourist Interest

London travel guide and places of tourist interest in this one of the finest cities in Europe and a dream destination of millions across the world, London is an eclectic blend of economics, architecture, fashion, beauty and culture. And, the fact that there are several flights available round the clock makes it a most frequented place for leisure as well as business. Also read London places to visit on our site.

London Travel Guide and Places of Tourist Interest

London Places of Tourist Interest

The first major attraction about London is its international airport itself. Flights fly in and out of major world cities on an everyday basis to London. No matter when you decide to visit the city, flight to London can always be found. Get to the most interesting and intriguing vacation destinations of all times. It is a good enough glimpse of what`s to come. Replete with wonders of all kinds imaginable, this city has something for everyone.

London Eye and The Big Ben

London travel guide recommends places of tourist interest like the Buckingham Palace, Harrods, the London Eye, Madam Tussaud`s, British Museum and the Big Ben. These are the most important places to visit London and without visiting there you would probably be like missing the whole point of visiting London.

London places of tourist interest London eye. A trip on board the renowned double-decker buses is a must for every traveler.

Historical Monuments and Modern Attractions

Sprawling and suave, classic and contemporary, London is bustling with people, life and activity 24/7. A true blue cosmopolitan, this urbane dwelling offers its visitors a perfect blend of historical monuments and modern attractions. Commanding a great repute as a holiday hotspot, airline shave a dedicated fleet of flights whose job is to just that, bring millions of visitors to the grand city day in and day out. Being the financial, fashion, entertainment and commercial epicenter of the world, London rocks it like none other.

Travel Tips London world’s oldest tube network

Double-Decker Buses and  Tube Network

It is an emblematic city that is home to such attractions as the Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London Eye, Kensington Palace, Tower of London and the London Museum. Renowned worldwide for the royal palace and family, double-decker buses and the world’s oldest tube network, this city has all the trappings of a magical city. Abounding in surprising activities, this city is also home to some of the finest museums in the world, including National Gallery or the Tate Modern.

Upscale Restaurants and Ethnic Eateries

The art aficionados and lovers of creativity in general simply love it out here and will find any excuse to take that next flight to London and come over to a fascinating side of life. The art, the artifacts and everything in between found in its museums and historical places is simply mesmerizing. You’ll never be short of excellent theatres, d and the most happening pubs and bars. And, we haven’t even started speaking of what succeeds a dinner-outside here.

Best Nightlife in the Whole of Europe

Visiting London is your sure shot way to get up, close and personal with the best nightlife in the whole of Europe. Be it the street markets or the magnificent Harrod`s, travelers to London find it to be a shopper`s paradise. Talking of retail therapy, London will bring you instantly at the doorstep of shopping extravaganza, London Heathrow Airport is replete with stylish boutiques. With so much on offer, no wonder, London is a city that every traveler wants to keep coming back to.

Airlines to London

Being an economic powerful and one of the most popular cities in UK, London welcomes more travelers than any other city in the country. London is one of the most expensive cities in the world and a London vacation is going to cost the travelers very dearly. One can also consider flying to smaller cities like Dublin and Amsterdam and then catch a train to London to save on the traveling costs. A large number of no-frills, London bound flights too serve the city.

Nearby Cities of London

London is surrounded by a beautiful neighborhood that includes the likes of Loughton, Potters Bar, Sunbury, Cheshunt, Watford, Staines, Saint Albans, Egham and Brentwood. Apart from these suburban towns and cities, London travel guide recommends to visit some of the larger cities in UK, such as Coventry, Reading, Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and Derby which are also quite close to London. Boating of a super efficient rail and air transport system, travelers to London would find no dearth of transportation options for their further travel plans.

Travel Tips London

  • Tubes are perfect and the most preferred mode of transport in London. Visitors can save money by traveling to various London destinations through this oldest underground system in the world.
  • A trip on board the renowned double-decker buses is a must for every traveler.
    Flip through the pages of a newspaper or Time Out magazine to stay up-to-date with all the events in London.
  • Brochures at Victoria Station are full of options when it comes to day trips from London.
  • Accommodations in London outskirts are likely to be much cheaper than the ones in Central London, which is the most expensive place to stay in the city.

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