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Jerusalem Things To Do and Travel Guide

Jerusalem Things To Do and Travel Guide in this city in the middle east which is one of the oldest cities in the world. Visit Jerusalem for its historic and religious significant. Visit here for its Old City, Machane Yehuda Market, Museums, Shopping and significant Jerusalem Neighborhoods.

Jerusalem Things To Do

Holiest City in the World

Every stone in this holiest city in the world tells a story. Drawing millions of faithful pilgrims from throughout the world every year, Jerusalem is as fascinating as can be. A  flight to Jerusalem is all you have to take to book your date with overwhelming emotions. The city is too many things all at once, religious, spiritual, exciting and pleasurable. The old and the new juxtaposes beautifully well. A perfect example of this is its charming historic and archeological sites standing tall and pretty alongside contemporary tourist attractions.

Dead Sea and Masada

Jerusalem Travel Guide Machane Yehuda Market

Take a Dead Sea and Masada Tour from Jerusalem. Masada Sunrise Tour from Jerusalem includes Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. Apart from Machane Yehuda Market you can shop at Malha Mall, First Station, The Old City Bazaar, Yafo Road, Mamilla Mall, Emek Refaim and The Farmers Market. The old city markets are known for their authentic Arabian feel uncommon in the west.

Ancient City of Jerusalem

Culturally rich and artistically opulent, the ancient city of Jerusalem is a like a good wine, it is just improving with age. A city of various contrasts, nothing can underscore the sheer variety of Jerusalem attractions. These include Jerusalem Time Elevator, Mini Israel, the new Kings City in Eilat and the Haganah Museum.

Vibrant and Dynamic

A wonderful place for tourism, it is inviting for families, couples and groups of friends alike. Apart from the heavy dose of history the city as urban as it can get. Vibrant, dynamic and interesting adventures make it a tourist delight. Music and drama lovers can have their fill through various live shows organized every month.


After the sun excitement presents itself through endless opportunities, including pubs, restaurants, night clubs, cafes and discotheques. With so many ethnicities inhabiting Jerusalem you get to experience a human element with a very distinct flavor. Rub your shoulders with Jews, Arabs, rabbis and priests, and ecumenical and yeshiva students.

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