An incredibly diverse country, India makes for a favorite vacation destination for many travelers from around the world. Immersed in its multicultural ambience, enthused by a vibrant energy of the bustling metropolises and made immensely attractive by its offering of several kinds of tourism, India is holiday hotspot that never leaves you unsatisfied.

Suitable for travelers of all age groups, the recent modernization of the country has lent it a certain extra zing to the place as far as a happening vacation destination is concerned. So now, you get to see many shopping malls, pubs and bars, nightclubs and lounges, world-class restaurants and the likes out here.

Enjoying an extremely apt geographical location, India offers you the best of everything, be it the beaches or the mountains, an authentic experience of rural living or an urban encounter with cosmopolitans. People come here to relax and repose, refresh and rejuvenate and create some happy vacation memories.

There’s so much to do and see that you’ll have to take a repeat holiday after a repeat holiday to actually start getting a hang of what is India all about. Festivity and rich traditions, spirituality and religion, history and heritage, natural beauty and man-made spectacles, everything about the country is explore-worthy. Having emerged as one of the top destinations for medical tourism, its visitor count has swelled ever since. Book yourself an affordable vacation package to India and discover a land of many surprises.