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Fort Worth Sightseeing and Places to Visit

Fort Worth sightseeing and places to visit to the fifth largest city in the US State of Texas, Fort Worth is pullulating with sightseeing that every vacationist wishes to visit. Fort Worth places to visit include Dog parks including ZBonz Dog Park and Fort Woof. The Fort Worth Zoo has been named as a top zoo in the nation.

Fort Worth Sightseeing

The major airport that links to the world from this city via airways is Dallas / Fort Worth International airport, the third and tenth busiest in the globe in terms of operations and passengers respectively. Booking affordable flight tickets to Fort Worth is quite convenient and effortless via any online travel solution portal. Alight to Cowtown and visit the top 3 sightseeing including Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth Botanic Garden, and Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

Fort Worth Zoo

Opened in 1909 at 1989 Colonial Parkway, Fort Worth Zoo is a 64-acre zoo that houses over 7,000 animals. A place for conservation, education, and entertainment, the zoo is one of the wonderful places of sightseeing in Fort Worth. Come to this place and observe the fauna, take part in fun activities, stroll, observe, and appreciate the beauty of nature and wildlife. Some of prominent attractions of this place include Safari Splash, Tasmanian Tower, Outdoor Learning Theater, Yellow Rose Express Train, Country Carousel, Texas Wild! Petting Corral, Playbarn, Wild West Shooting Gallery, and Swinging Swamp Bridge.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Established in 1934 at 3220 Botanic Garden Boulevard, Fort Worth Botanic Garden is a 110-acre lush green garden replete with over two-thousand-five-hundred species of exotic flora. Featuring numerous avant-garde gardens including Conservatory, Fragrance, Texas Garden Club Headquarters, Perennial, Texas Native Forest Boardwalk, Water Conservation, Lower Rose, Four Season, Fuller, Japanese, Oval Rose, Trial, and Water Wise Entrance, the botanical garden is a lovely sightseeing option for tourists and natives alike to relax one’s mind and body from the mundane monotonous work.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Third in the Fort Worth sightseeing list is Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. Founded in 1945 as Fort Worth Children Museum and relocated to current place at 1600 Gendy Street in 1954, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is a must-visit museum that provides plenty of entertainment via exhibits, Omni IMAX, planetarium, and special event. Fort Worth Children’s Museum, DinoLabs and DinoDig, Cattle Raisers Museum, Energy Blast, and Innovation Studios, the museum has hosts of permanent exhibits that one must have a look at. To be part of once a lifetime sightseeing, book your flights to Fort Worth; better reserve your tickets from a consolidator of low-cost flights, Internet.

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