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Chile Travel Guide Places to Visit and Where to go in Chile a South American country. One of the major and most popular travel destinations of the region visit Chile for its Culture, Music and dance, Cuisine, Popular Folklore, Mythology, Cinema and Cultural heritage. Also visit here for San Pedro de Atacama, the altiplano lakes, the Valley of the Moon, the Chungará Lake, the Parinacota and the Pomerape volcanoes. Read about United States Romantic Getaways on our site.

Chile Travel Guide – Places to Visit and Where to go in Chile

A Splendid Country

Bored and tired of the mundane routine life? Take a break and experience the wonderful places in the world, and if it has to be as special, Chile is the place to be. A splendid country that offers diversity and entertainment in its true sense, Chile promises of a holiday that can change your life forever. Being located in the central part of South America, Chile forms a perfect base for you to visit both North and South of it.

Mild Climate

A temporal and mild climate that soothes you completely and makes you not want to go back in the hustle bustle of the home. But if all this makes you worry about the huge costs involved, need not worry.

Sunny Beaches and Water Sport

Sunny beaches, white sand and a coo drink to go with it, which is what holidays mean. However, visiting Chile can be a totally different yet exciting experience. The place is naturally loaded with beautiful sights and other scenic views, but the adventure is something to look out for. Skiing is one such activity that people are fond of there and close comes tennis on the beach. Most famous ski areas are Valle Nevado, Colorado and La Parva. There is no such experience other than laying back and relaxing without any qualms about the regular life.

West Coast of Chile

The charm and mystical Latin American culture is overtly visible all around be it the beaches or the people. From your busy schedule of roaming around, do take time out for a trip to the west coast of Chile, which has the most stunning resorts near the beaches that boast of heaven like views that you just cannot afford to miss. The city of Chile is not much densely populated and whoever resides in the town is very warm and hospitable towards strangers. The environment of friendliness is prominent everywhere.

Places to Visit and Where to go in Chile Laja Falls

Laja Falls

Don’t forget to visit the Laja Falls also called Salto del Laja in Spanish, a waterfall located in the Laja River in south central Chile. Stunning beauty of these water falls is surely going to fascinate you. it consists four tall falls and the biggest is 35 meters tall.

Easter Island

Places to Visit and Where to go in Chile Easter Island

A great number of fascinating places are yet to be explored and seen, among which there is the Atacama Desert, Pucon, a small village that offers bountiful activities for all tourists. One very unique place to visit is the Easter Island that is a beautiful spot of land in the midst of the Pacific Ocean and is beyond doubt one of the classics of Chile.


Shopping is another major attraction here and you can shop for all kinds of luxury items in the classic malls and departmental stores around. And for the environmentalists Torres del Paine National Park is the place to revel in the natural beauty.

Airlines for Chile

Chile is one of the major and most popular travel destinations of the region. The country is served by some of the world`s leading air carriers to connect it with the rest of the world. These include LAN Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Sky Airline, Air France, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, LAN Peru, KLM, British Airways and Continental Airlines.

Airports in Chile

You have the option of all the major airports in Chile like Pupelde, Chanaral, Chile Chico, Linares and La Playa. You get to choose from all the major airports in Chile.

Travel Tips

Visitors coming in to Chile should be aware of the currency that is Chilean Peso. Spanish is the national language spoken there; however, there is no dearth of English speaking people.

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