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Burbank Places to Visit and Travel Guide

Burbank Places to Visit and travel guide to this city of state of California in the USA. Burbank is named as Media Capital of the World as it is situated near Hollywood and has headquarter of The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, NBC and Cartoon Network Studios. Burbank provides lot of shopping, dining, and entertainment with retail malls, restaurants, Food Courts and Media projects. Read about United States Romantic Getaways on our site.

Burbank Places to Visit

Walt Disney and Warner Brothers

One of the famous cities in the US state of California, Burbank is home to renowned media companies including Walt Disney and Warner Brothers. The city is located in the San Fernando Valley and is at a close proximity to Hollywood. You can reach to the city via Bob Hope Airport, which is serving air travelers since 1930. To know the city, here is an exquisite refined set of top 3 must-see sights in Burbank a tourist should have a look at. Plan your tour to the city by booking flights in advance from Internet and visit tourist attractions of Burbank. Start your sightseeing from Martial Arts History Museum, proceed to Burbank Town Center, and complete your tour by visiting Warner Brothers Ranch.

Martial Arts History Museum

Opened in 1999 at 2319 West Magnolia Boulevard, Martial Arts History Museum is an educational, historical, and cultural art facility dedicated to the history of martial arts. Visitors and juveniles can educate themselves about the influence of Asian martial arts to the American society via timelines. Drop in to the museum to see its exhibits relating to karate, kung fu, judo, samurai, and many more. The museum contains artifacts, weaponry, and media room devoted to famous objects used in martial arts movie and television and conducts events including workshops and seminars to attract visitors. Don’t forget to see the History of Anime the museum’s latest exhibit.

Burbank travel guide Burbank Town Center
Burbank Town Center

Burbank Town Center

Opened in 1991 at 201 East Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank Town Center is a spectacular shopping mall that can be visited to satisfy the need of entertainment, dining, and shopping. The three-storey building with free parking facility and with 170 choices of retail shops, restaurants, life style services, and entertainment venues, the mall will definitely create a sensation in your mind. You can watch a film in AMC, involve in bungee jumping at center court, see a play in Colony Theater, there are options aplenty. Come and enjoy your time here and continue your tour to your next spot Warner Brothers Ranch.

Warner Brothers Ranch

Founded on 1934 at 2319 West Magnolia Boulevard, Warner Brothers Ranch is a backdrop of many of the Columbia Pictures, movies, and TV shows. The facade of the structures change according to the movie scenes. You’ll love to see a lovely fountain that is adorning its park. This was Burbank Places to Visit and Travel Guide after reading it book your flight to Burbank to know the city more.

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