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Boston Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

Boston Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit in this largest and capital city of Massachusetts, Boston is one of the best tourist destinations in the US. Being connected by Logan International Airport so coming to the city is not a big deal. Reserve flight to Boston from Internet and you are sure to land on this Walking City. Depending upon your interests there are lot of attractions suitable for you that will make your tour to this place a wonderful experience.

Boston Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

Top Tourist Attractions

Here is an excellent list of top 3 tourist attractions in Boston, which a visitor should have a look at. Topping the list is a walking tour to sixteen sites in Boston via the Freedom Trail. Second is the Museum of Science. And last but not least is the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area are the main tourist attractions here. Also read Boston Travel Guide on our site.

Freedom Trail

Established in 1951 at downtown Boston, Freedom Trail is a four kilometer long route red lined using bricks or paint that connects 16 historical sites. You can take a stroll around this historical path to see sites including churches, museums, historic cemeteries, warship, and more. Stretching from Boston Common to Bunker Hill, Freedom Trail will take around one to three hours contingent on whether you would like to see the site from its exterior or spend time in each site. During the walk, you’ll come across Massachusetts State House, First Public School, Old Corner Book Store Building, Paul Revere House, and more, just to name a few among them. This walking tour will remind you of the history of the US.

Museum of Science

Established in 1830 and currently located at Science Park, Museum of Science is a leading cultural institution in Boston. The museum’s plot spans the length of the Charles River Dam and is home to Mugar Omni Theater, Charles Hayden Planetarium, parking garage, and museum edifices with three wings. Frequented by around 1.5 million visitors, Museum of Science is a wonderful fun-filled science museum and an educational zone. You can explore exhibits, public events, live presentations, drop-in activities, planetarium shows, 4-D films, IMAX films, Butterfly Garden, and Thrill ride 360 degree. If you have a chance to visit the museum twice then you’ll find the place altered with new shows and exhibits.

Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area

Established in 1996 at 15 State Street, Boston Harbor Islands National Recreational Area as the name suggests comprises of a group of 34 islands that are open for wildlife and public recreation. Many of the islands are open for bird-watching, sun-bathing, swimming, trail-walking, fishing, and more. You can avail ferry service from Boston Harbor Cruises that voyage to these islands. The 45-minute journey to Georges Island will take you to its rich attraction: Fort Warren, a 19th century pentagonal fort. You can also visit Spectacle Island that is famous for festivals and concerts and has walking trails. Don’t forget to see the oldest light house in the US, Boston Light, on Little Brewster Island.

After reading about tourist attractions in Boston, book your flights to Boston and marvel at the attractions that the oldest city in the US has in its offerings.

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