Boise Places to Visit and Things to do

Boise Places to Visit and things to do in this capital and the largest city of Idaho, Boise is one of the best destinations in the US a tourist would love to be a part of. Commonly called as the city of trees, Boise is bestowed with wonderful places and attractions galore.

Boise Places to Visit
Boise Places to Visit Winter

Here is an explicit list of top 3 Boise Places to Visit. You can go to the “Boise Idaho Temple” to cleanse your body, mind, and soul and participate in covenants, prayers, and church services. The second place apt for children and families is “Discovery Center of Idaho” that teaches the significance of learning is fun. Lastly visit “Idaho Botanical Garden” to engross yourself in nature and visit to Boise Places to Visit.

Boise Idaho Temple

Dedicated in 1984 at 1211 South Cole Road, Boise Idaho Temple is a famous operating shrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Spend your time in this sacred place and be close to heavenly father and Jesus Christ. With large granite exterior, six-spires, slopping roof, and grandeur garden enhanced using trees and lovely water feature, Boise Idaho temple is one of the marvels of Boise. Spread across 4.83 acres, the temple has 35,868 square feet floor area and possesses four sealing and four ordinance rooms. The temple has undergone renovation, expansion, and rededication. Now you can find gold-leaf angel Moroni that was placed at the top of the eastern spire. Come visit this place for a wonderful beginning. And move on to the next top attraction suitable for kids and families.

Discovery Center of Idaho

Opened in 1988 at 131 Myrtle Street, Discovery Center of Idaho is an outstanding science museum with unique mission and vision. The museum is quite inspiring for visitors looking to find, learn, and enjoy the interactive and hands-on exhibits from various disciples including science, math, engineering, and technology. Here you can find permanent as well as rotating exhibitions of scientific wonders. The outing to this place is suitable for all kinds of visitors irrespective of age. The displayed topics include optics, acoustics, electricity, motion, and more, which you’ll love to observe and experiment. Notable among the 200 exhibits include Bubble Wall, Bernoulli Blower, Centripetal Wheel, Dune Machine, Tornado, and Turbulent Orb. Spend some time in this wonderland to know the nitty-gritty’s of the inventions and discoveries in the scientific world.

Idaho Botanical Garden

Created in 1984 at 2355 Old Penitentiary Road, Idaho Botanical Garden is a renowned garden that is operated by non-profit, private organization. This wonderful, beautiful, and peaceful retreat is haven for all visitors of Boise. You can relish featured events, educational programs, and concerts that the garden offers. You will be amazed at the number of specialty gardens including Alpine Garden, Cactus Garden, English Garden, Herb Garden, Idaho Native Plant Garden, Iris Garden, Meditation Garden, Peony Garden, Rose Garden, and Water Garden. The aesthetic landscape and plant collections are really awesome. So don’t miss your chance to visit this city, book flight to Boise from Internet now.