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Beijing Places to Visit

Beijing Places to Visit and things to do in this capital city of the Republic of China. A city with great traditional history and modern architectures. The city is rich of history and is a major hub for the national highway, expressway, railway, and high-speed rail networks in China. Visit Beijing for its National Historical and Cultural Sites and landmarks. Read our detailed travel guide on Beijing at Beijing Travel Guide on our site.

Beijing Sanlitun

Places of Historical Interest and Architectural Beauty

Book a flight to Beijing, your first step towards experiencing the orient. The capital city of the Republic of China, the key political, cultural, educational and transportation hub of the country is Beijing. Flight deals for the city are offered by leading airlines on a daily basis. It is also easy for many travelers with limited means to visit Beijing. Commanding such importance, it goes without saying that Beijing flights are offered by all airlines, major and minor. The city is home to many places of historical interest and architectural beauty.

Beijing Places to Visit and things to do Summer Palace

Sanlitun – Hub for Shopping and  Entertainment in Beijing

A holiday spot of great repute, this city came to the limelight with the hosting of the Olympics in 2008. Be it the ancient architectural complex of the Forbidden city, the solemn Temple of Heaven, the Ming Tombs, Summer Palace or the world renowned Great Wall, Beijing interestingly showcases the odd combination of the traditional and the modern. Catch a glimpse of the country`s imperial past and get a taste of the famed Chinese hospitality. City has many modern hubs for shopping, entertainment and enjoy like Sanlitun. Sanlitun is popular for its bars, restaurants, nightclubs and international shopping chains and malls.

Beijing Mix of History and Modernity

Presenting to the world an eclectic mix of history and modernity, the Chinese capital city of Beijing boasts of having the finest remnants of the country’s imperial past. Explore the city`s superb attractions, a city overflowing with a unique charm that lends it an identity that`s quite distinct from the rest of the continent. The allure of the city is such that it beckons millions of travelers and visitors from around the world who reach the city.

Beijing Temple of Heaven

Places to Visit

This modern city is a vast and vibrant metropolis that has been the epicenter of communist power for hundreds of years. The rebuilt monuments of Beijing testify to the country`s illustrious history. In fact, what separates this city from the other capitals are its unique pockets of charm where history still resides. One just needs to have the intention and the time to slide beneath the city`s mammoth concrete infrastructure to arrive at its awe-inspiring imperial grandeur. Full of exciting attractions, Beijing has enough attractions to keep even the most discerning of traveler engaged for long. From the Song Zhuang Artist Village and Grand View Garden to the Badaling Great Wall and the Forbidden City, travelers to Beijing would find no dearth of interesting sights, places and things to do.

Airlines to Beijing

Beijing is a hot travel destination in China that is served by a comprehensive list of carriers from around the world. Major airlines of the world connect flight to Beijing with all major cities in the world. Some of the low-cost no frill airlines serving Beijing include Cebu Pacific, Air China, China United, Hong Kong Express, Spring Airlines, Air Asia, Air India Express, Jetstar, Jazeera Airways, Lion Air, Tiger Airways and Orient Thai.

Nearby Cities of Beijing

Some of the most notable towns and cities near Beijing include Peking, Huangcun, Mentougou, Shunyi, Changping, Fangshan, Langfang, Yangcun, Tianjin, Xianshuigu, Xuanhua and Zhuozhou. Most of these cities are less than 130 km from Beijing hence can be easily reached via any of the varied modes of transportation available. A little farther, cities like Hangu, Baoding, Tanggu, Zhangjakou and Chengde are other travel worthy places that ought to be visited by travelers who have some extra time in hand.

Travel Tips Beijing

  • Taking a flight to Beijing any time soon? Make sure you book up an accommodation/hotel that has a licensed permission to take foreign tourists. You will also need to present their passport and fill in a temporary residence form.
  • Though Mandarin Chinese is the official language of China, hundreds of dialects are used in the country that are quite different from each other. Most hotel staff in Beijing can speak English. However, communication can be a problem while getting around the city.
  • Travelers checks and foreign currency can be exchange at almost all banks and exchange counters at all leading hotel.
  • Major credit cards are acceptable at big stores, whereas one needs to have ready cash when shopping at smaller stores and outlets.

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