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Places to Visit Bangkok

Places to Visit Bangkok in the city one of the world’s top tourist destinations. Here is your Bangkok Travel Guide and details about places to visit thier If you are planning to visit the capital of Thailand read about the city here before visiting.

Bangkok Capital  city in Thailand, Asia is among the world’s top tourist destinations for its exciting street life, night life, entertainment, Art and Culture.

Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok Travel Guide

International hub for health care and transport, Bangkok is also a regional center for business and finance. Lot of MNCs has regional headquarters located here. This is result of lot of investment which came during 80’s and 90’s. In MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index Bangkok is called the most visited city and Travel and Leisure magazine rewarded Bangkok “World’s Best City” for four consecutive years.

Bangkok has three seasons summer, rain and winters. May to September is rainy season and October to February almost, five months are cold.

Millions of Tourist

Millions of International and Domestic Tourist visit Bangkok every year.   City has attractions for every type of tourists and visitors. Among many historic and culture tourist attractions Bangkok has Grand Royal Places and mesmerizing Buddhist Temples. Places to be visited include museums like Bangkok National Museum and the Royal Barge National Museum. City’s traditional architectures may also attract you while enjoying your visit in Bangkok. Malls, Shopping Centers and markets may also attract you in Bangkok.

Mode of transport in the city includes Rapid Transport System, Taxis, Tuktuk. City is connected with the world with two International Airports.

Places to Visit Bangkok

Places to Visit Bangkok

A full of life metropolitan city, Bangkok is among the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. You can’t slot Bangkok in any one category. It is at once a cultural, commercial, financial, historical, medical, educational, Spiritual and a diplomatic hub. Throbbing with life, Bangkok is a modern city with high rises and offers a variety of entertainment options. For the religiously inclined, the awe-inspiring temples are sure to take you by a storm.

Every tourist who’s been to Bangkok can tell you one thing for sure, that they would like to go back again. The city amazes you every single time. For every size of budget you can get all kinds of lodgings here. From fancy five-star luxury to smaller boutique hotels, no matter what how big or small your budget is, you can enjoy a memorable vacation.

Shopping Centres

A visit to Bangkok can be enjoyed for various reasons including roaming around the chic shopping malls, buying things from many markets, Malls, Shopping Centers or just hanging by the beach. Whereas some enjoy the fancy palaces, thumping nightlife and adventure sports that Bangkok’s beaches have to offer.

Ride on the Tuktuk

Even the small things like a ride on the tuktuk, kickboxing matches, or Thai massages keep you mesmerized. If you are looking for Sun Bath Bangkok’s warm weather is just right for you.

And if you are afraid of tanning of skin then go for cool sea breezes at the time of sunset. Described by many as the ultimate party place, Bangkok can be reached by many airlines offering flight tickets. Being so popular a tourist destination, Bangkok is among the top list for airlines coming up with great packages.

We are sure after reading the Bangkok Travel Guide and Bangkok Places to Visit, you are going to plan to visit their very soon.

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