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Bahamas Travel Guide

Bahamas Travel Guide Things To Do and Places to Visit in Bahamas a fantastic country in North America. Bahamas is a beautiful country and is an ideal vacation spot for everyone. It is a fascinating North American country consisting of two thousand cays and seven hundred islands that form a beautiful archipelago.

Places to Visit in Bahamas Beaches
Places to Visit in Bahamas Beaches

Blue Waters of Atlantic Ocean

Bahamas is located in the blue waters of Atlantic Ocean. As per the local folklores Christopher Columbus landed here on the beautiful island named San Salvador which may be present day`s Samana Cay or San Salvador Island and is located in the central part of the Bahamas Archipelago. Columbus made contact with the Lucayans and exchanged goods with them.

Beautiful Island of Bimini

So, Bahamas is a beautiful country with an interesting past and some intriguing facts. Bahamas vacation would be a perfect get away for you. Although it is a small country, facing many challenges in education, health care and narcotics trafficking, it still enjoys the third highest per capita income in the hemisphere. And a visit to the beautiful island of Bimini is a must. This island is also known as the gateway to the Bahamas and is the closest island to United States. A flight to Bahamas is the most comfortable and the quickest way to begin your Bahamas holiday.

Things To Do and Places to Visit in Bahamas Island of Bimini
Things To Do and Places to Visit in Bahamas Island of Bimini

Bahamian Culture

You would be pleasantly surprised to see the diversity in the Bahamian culture which is a perfect blend of African and European influences. The music in Bahamas would leave you spell bounded with its rhythmic form. Local people have named the music as Junkanoo. You can also dance along with the swift beats of rake, scrape and calypso. And, do not forget to grab a bagful of beautiful hats and bags which are handmade from straw. Junkanoo celebrations are an integral part of Bahamas and you must participate in them when you visit Bahamas. Regattas, an important social event in Bahamas would surely interest you as it involves one or more days of sailing by old-fashioned work boats. Bahamas is surely an ideal place for sports lovers.


Bahamas Travel Guide Junkanoo celebrations
Bahamas Travel Guide Junkanoo Celebrations

You can indulge yourself in the National Sports, Cricket, Sailing and Track and field athletics which are popular sports in the country. You would surely feel relieved from your everyday boring life as you indulge yourself at the sandy beaches. You can participate with the locals in a session of Football or rugby. Other common sports are Basketball, Softball, Baseball and American Football. Other common celebrations are “Pineapple Fest” in Gregory Town, Eleuthera or The Crab Fest, which are celebrated with much fanfare

Airlines for Bahamas

Bahamas is well connected to major cities in US. Major US Airlines that connect to Bahamas include United Airlines, US Airways, Jet Blue Airways and Spirit Airlines. Internet offers you tickets to all the major airlines as per your choice.

Airports to Bahamas

Bahamas is well connected with many world class airports. Main airports in the landscaped country are Marsh Harbour Airport, Mores Island Airport, Sandy Point Airport, Spanish Cay Airport, Spring Point Airport, San Andros Airport, Andros Town International Airport, Chub Cay International Airport, South Bimini Airport and many more. This beautiful country is well connected with the best of infrastructure with airports in all the major cities. So, traveling to Bahamas would be smooth sailing for you.

Bahamas Travel Tips

Some simple tips while traveling to Bahamas : The climate of the Bahamas is subtropical to tropical, and is moderated significantly by the waters of the Gulf Stream. If you have plans to visit Bahamas, then, you can go in almost anytime of the year. The weather is surprising pleasant throughout the year. Currency used here is Bahamian Dollar. Value is the same as American Dollar

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