Athens Places of Tourist Interest

Athens Places of Tourist Interest and things to do in this capital city of Greece. Welcome to one of the oldest city of the world which is as modern as it is ancient. Athens is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Acropolis of Athens and medieval Daphni Monastery and many landmarks of the modern era. Visit Athens for its Culture and contemporary life, Archaeological hub, Museums, Tourism and Music.

Athens Places of Tourist Interest Nightlife

Having been around since time immemorial, the Greek capital is full of intriguing aspects. Preceded by a glorious history, an enigmatic aura surrounds the city. A popular vacation destination, it isn’t hard to find cheap flights to Athens. Worshiped by gods and people alike, this enchanting place on earth has always been regarded as the birthplace of civilization.

Athens Places of Tourist Interest Metro Mall
Athens Places of Tourist Interest Metro Mall

Every nook and cranny of Athens is replete with interesting sees and equally fascinating dos. Being a time-honored city, how can great monuments be far behind?

One can help marvel at the Parthenon of Athens, feel like worshiping at the Temple of Olympian Zeus, admire Hadrian’s Arch, be fascinated at the sight of Acropolis, or get a nice view of the city from Pnyka Hill.

The city caters to various kinds of tourists, and as a result one can find plenty of accommodations to park oneself in. cheap hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, five-star hotels, holiday homes, and villas.

Athens Places to Visit Acropolis Athens
Athens Places to Visit Acropolis Athens

For the creatively inclined, there are various general and specific museums, art galleries, exhibition houses, theaters, operas, concert halls to enjoy. One of the most entertaining metropolises in Europe, Athens Places of Tourist Interest includes some world-class restaurants, elegant cafes and bars, glitzy pubs, dazzling discotheques and nightclubs and loads of other party places. Apart from rocking nightlife, the city offers its tourists with an equally interesting opportunity at shopping.

Pick up authentic handicrafts, exquisite souvenirs, designer clothes, home furnishings, accessories and what you may like. Athens retail therapy scene is a good balance of uber-chic malls, retail outlets, small boutiques and flea markets.

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